January 06, 2024


Ever since the beginning of online stores, Magento has been a leading force in delivering the best user experience. Whether you seek seamless navigation or robust security features, Magento has excelled in these areas for years. While many stores utilise it for website development, the full potential of Magento has not yet been realised universally. It offers much more than just a website for your eCommerce

Approximately 150,000 live websites are currently operating on Magento. To effectively compete with businesses similar to yours, adopting an advanced approach is essential. By fully leveraging the capabilities of Magento, you can easily generate high-quality outcomes.

The need for any kind of business is to keep users on their platform. If you want your business to go big, you want users who are frequent on your platform. To retain them, an app is the best idea. At the same time, we should consider that it is not easy to develop an app if you have a limited budget for operating your Magento store.

What is Magento PWA?

Deploying a Progressive Web App (PWA) on Magento means leveraging a fusion of website and app functionalities. Opting for a PWA for your Magento store allows you to harness the SEO advantages associated with traditional websites and the enhanced user experience typical of applications. The incorporation of features like improved loading times and heightened search engine visibility facilitates the delivery of a high-quality experience to users engaging with your platform. Essentially, a PWA functions as an application equipped with user-friendly features, ensuring effortless navigation for every user.

According to statistics, businesses adopting Magento PWA have experienced a noteworthy boost in conversions, registering an increase of over 17%. This transition has not only resulted in a substantial reduction in bounce rates by more than 15% but has also seen a significant surge in mobile sessions, with an impressive growth rate exceeding 50%.

Benefits of Magento PWA

  • It supports push notifications just like the native app so you can deliver personalised messages without any app.
  • The memory consumption for the user device is minimal because PWA is just shortcuts and not apps. It makes it easy to access without consuming device memory.
  • The development cost is very low. You can get it with Magento 2 setup. If you have an existing website, you can convert that easily with the help of skilled Magento experts.
  • A PWA can deliver a native app experience to every user. There is no need to develop a website for basic eCommerce features like push notifications.
  • If you want to reach more users, Magento PWA is way better than the website on the platform.

Why You Need Magento PWA: Know the Top Features

There are plenty of features of the PWAs which make it unbeatable compared to a website or an app. Here are the top ones:

Rapid loading

When you are using a PWA, it is ensured that your users are getting a quality experience while shopping on your platform. As PWA has client-side rendering, it is easy for users to get dynamic content. In this type of platform, the browser of the user mobile builds page templates without needing the content and it makes smooth speed.


When it comes to storage, PWA takes about nothing. It runs on a browser and there is no need to delete other files in the phone to access the PWA. It is helpful as with just an icon, you can increase the retention rate. PWAs need only KBs of space as compared to MBs of the native apps.

Home screen icon

Users can add the shortcut at the home screen of the device. When users have the icon saved on the home screen, it gives a feel of an app. This feature is helpful in increasing conversions without the need for any other application.

Push notifications

It is the biggest feature a progressive web app can give you. With the help of PWAs, you can deliver push notifications as well. It is a great way to ensure you reach your customer every now and then. For re-engaging and in cases of abandoned carts, you can use this to get more leads. It is also a great strategy to remind users about abandoned carts and introduce new discounts on your Magento 2 store.

How to Convert Convert Your Magento Store into PWA

There are a few ways you can convert your Magento website into a dynamic PWA. It is best to get expert assistance with converting to progressive web apps with Magento. Here are some of the ways to get it done in easy steps:

Magento 2 PWA Extension

If you want to create your existing Magento website into a full-fledged PWA, you should use an extension. It is a very cost-effective method and you can get it from the Magneto store. There are so many extensions on the store, so it is better if you research and then you choose.

Magento 2 PWA Theme

Magento 2 has themes that you can use to convert your website into a PWA. You can get features like offline mode and fast loading with many themes. You need to optimise and customise the design for themes to work like PWA. It is the least preferred method to convert to PWA but you can use it to get basic functionality.

Magento 2 PWA Studio

It is the best way to get the best results for your Magento website with conversion to PWA. You need an official toolset to create a store with this. If you want to get every feature of a PWA, it is the best approach. You need to have technical knowledge for this but you can also manage professional assistance.

Get Expert Assistance With Magento PWA Development

Mobile commerce is a great factor in business growth and it will keep increasing with time. If we talk about mobile Commerce, the total share of this segment in eCommerce is more than 40% now. In the upcoming years, it is expected to grow even more. It is the best time to convert your Magento store into a mobile-friendly PWA and enjoy the feature set of an app.

We have successfully completed many projects of Magento websites to PWA conversion for our clients and delivered remarkable results. Whether you want to improve the Magento website experience or make navigation simple, our experts can help. We have a strong team of more than 1000+ experts who will give your project the right direction in making it more user-friendly. Want to know how? Contact our Magento experts right away!

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