November 16, 2022


Here at Dotsquares, we’re dedicated to helping businesses maximize their ROI through bespoke technologies and solutions. Throughout the years, we’ve worked with brilliant companies from all over the world, completing more than 20,000 different projects. One of the main keys to our success is the stellar relationships we’ve built with our beloved clients. Their trust is also the reason why we’re celebrating a wonderful honor today.

Just recently, we caught wind that a B2B platform called The Manifest named Dotsquares as one of the top recommended and reviewed service providers! According to their global company awards, our team is an outstanding leader in robotics, wearable technology, and IoT solutions this 2022!

Delivering on our client’s trust has always been our goal since our founding in 2002. To become a valued partner and help them overcome their problems, we go above and beyond. Every task and opportunity we take on, we treasure. As their go-to partners, it means the world to us to see them flourish and share this moment with them.

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The Manifest is a market resource that aims to aid browsers in navigating various B2B industries. The platform acknowledges the extraordinary connections that service providers have with their distinct clients for their first global company awards. The website chose the winners based on how many sincere referrals and testimonials they had received in the year prior.

We owe this accolade to our partners and clients, of course. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you. Without every one of you, Dotsquares wouldn't be the company it is today.

Have the best leverage with Dotsquares. Build cutting-edge web and mobile technologies with us. Send us a message and let us know more about what you have in mind.

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