August 09, 2023


ECommerce is reshaping the retail business industry with immense growth opportunities, revenue-driven possibilities, and the potential it holds for the future. BigCommerce, one of the top platforms for developing online stores, is one of the most appealing alternatives for businesses trying to expand or establish a presence.

Now, merchants can easily manage their advertising and product campaigns from the dashboard on BigCommerce. It allows them to create, modify, and utilise data on their campaigns across the Microsoft network including its search engine Bing.

Microsoft Ads and Listing for BigCommerce

Microsoft Ads is an integration that helps merchants and sellers to connect with high-value merchants on the BigCommerce platform. This could prove very beneficial when potential customers are looking for products in online stores.

This integration can help in getting new audiences for online stores. This can help businesses with managing the synchronisation product catalogue with Microsoft Merchant Center.

It is also possible to use this integration for free product listing and users can create shopping campaigns. These campaigns can help in promoting products and tracking the overall performance so you can see the growth of your eCommerce channel.

How Microsoft Ads Help BigCommerce Websites.

Microsoft Advertising has partnered with one of the leading eCommerce development platforms, BigCommerce. BigCommerce has over 65000 merchants and they are selling their products to millions of users every day. It is expected to reach many more users with its latest partnership with Microsoft Ads and lListing platform.

Microsoft Ads is available for free on BigCommerce and every eStore can utilise this to expand their reach. This app can help merchants on BigCommerce to synchronise every product on their store in a simplified manner.

Once the synchronisation is done, all the products are shown on the Microsoft platforms which can be helpful in getting a wider business reach. Additionally, business owners and merchants can create paid campaigns and track their overall marketing performance with detailed insights.

Benefits of Microsoft Ads and Listing App Integration

When a product is available on search engine result pages, the chances of conversion are very high. With this collaboration, BigCommerce is aiming to boost the sale of store owners on their platform. Here are some benefits of this integration:

Improved reach

There are billions of searches every month and it is one of the driving factors for eCommerce businesses. When there are new channels with digital commerce, it is evident that your product will reach more users. They can showcase their products on many Microsoft platforms like Bing, Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office, Edge, etc.

Enhanced shopping experience

You can improve the buying experience and increase traffic to your eCommerce platform by using advertisements. Business merchants on BigCommerce can utilise this and boost their overall sales with a smooth shopping experience. This integration offers a Microsoft Shopping Tab where business owners can filter product feeds and create interactive and engaging content for ads. This personalised approach allows targeted ads to appear to relevant potential customers, boosting sales.

Streamlined ad campaigns

This integration has made importing ad campaigns simpler than ever. It can be performed with just a few clicks and you can save time while streamlining ad campaigns. Moreover, this integration can help in keeping all of the campaigns in synchronisation.

Monitor ad performance

It is very easy to optimise the ad campaign using Microsoft ad integration with BigCommerce. Merchants can monitor all the ad campaigns with a control panel and monitor the performance. It comes with options like snapshot views and detailed reporting. Moreover, business owners can make changes in bids and budgets with personalised tips.

Utilise BigCommerce for Your Business

The integration of Microsoft Ads and Listings app with BigCommerce can be used to expand the business. This partnership comes with a powerful advertising tool that helps merchants succeed and grow their businesses. This integration simplifies the process of reaching a newer customer base and growing your business.

If you are looking to expand your eCommerce business with the help of BigCommerce, you can take our help. We can integrate Microsoft Ads on your BigCommerce platform so you can leverage the latest functionality of this collaboration.

Other than this, we offer a range of services for the BigCommerce store, including responsive design and development, theme design, app development, customization, secure and easy migration, and seamless integration with third-party apps. Expert developers at Dotsquares can help you build customer-centric websites that boost conversions for your businesses.Ready to work together on your eCommerce website ? Get in touch now!

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