August 31, 2018


Among Microsoft’s achievements in the tech industry, and specifically the phone industry, they have recently added a new application to their portfolio of tech ideas, which is set to enhance the user experience on their already existing products. “Your Phone” is Microsoft’s new creation and despite the name suggesting it is exclusively a phone application, you will need a Windows computer to make this app work to its full potential. This is because the app provides a way for data to be transferred between Window’s desktop computers and Android phones.

This is a relatively simple concept for an app, so it’s a bit of mystery as to why Microsoft has not successfully released something like this before, as the app’s function is so convenient for Windows users and it sounds like a pretty easy thing to get right if you’re a tech company as renowned as Microsoft.

Microsoft's New App

The app’s concept, in theory, sounds like it can make life for Windows users so convenient, in fact, that it may even encourage more people to use Windows over its competitors, thanks to this USP. Because it is made by Microsoft, the app originally planned to only be available on Windows products. Microsoft must be aware, as much as they wouldn’t like to admit it, that there are many people who use iPhones instead of their own products, so there is talk that Your Phone is coming to Apple’s products too. Although, this may not be for a while yet.

This must have been a bit of a conundrum for Microsoft because if they weren’t to cater for Apple, they are sure to lose out on a lot of business. Although, if they do cater to Apple they lose the incentive that you can have the convenience of direct connection for Windows products only. However, Microsoft has compromised as, even if you have an iPhone, you need a PC with Windows 10 installed regardless to make sure the app is compatible.

Although there are several news articles circulating at the moment about the app, the app was actually revealed way back in May at the Build technology conference in Washington. It is now available on the Microsoft Store so we know some more details, for example, the app is planning to sync up texts and notifications to phones and the PC to really make the phone and computer one in the same, making both products more user friendly in doing so.

Multiple reports say how limited it is for now but on the bright side, this means we can look forward to watching new features be developed for Your Phone in the future.

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