September 27, 2018


Every industry is competitive, especially the technology industry as the market is becoming saturated with many people trying to be the best in their area. So with Microsoft’s reputable status in the industry and its production of technology that everyone uses, internet browsers in this instance, Microsoft is facing A LOT of competition. This includes two of the most successful browsers out there, Chrome and Firefox.

In a new test for an update on Microsoft’s Edge browser, the brand has added a subtle message that appears if one of its user’s attempts to download a third party browser, such as Chrome or Firefox. The message reads “You already have Microsoft Edge – the cheaper, faster browser for Windows 10”.

This message seems pretty inoffensive in itself. In fact, a short message with quite a minor sales pitch can make for quite effective marketing. But some people have taken to the internet and have been labelling Microsoft’s marketing technique as “slimy”. If you read it closely and take the context into consideration, it is understandable why people may feel this way as the message implies that Chrome, Firefox and other third-party browsers are not worth purchasing, damaging the brand reputation of whatever browser the person is trying to download.

It has been argued that it’s not Microsoft’s place to say what browsers people can and cannot purchase. Although the message implies you should be exclusively using Edge and nothing else, it does not state this specifically, so therefore it can just be considered a piece of marketing rather than a direct order to its users.


It is also important to remember that this message is part of a test for an update and not an actual update that has been put into place already, and considering the internet’s verdict, they may not even be going ahead with putting this message in their update at all.

Microsoft hasn’t just been targeting its competition however, earlier this year, Microsoft was encouraging users of its Windows 10 Mail feature to use Microsoft Edge for emails instead. So because of this, it is safe to assume that rather than sending the message to hurt its competitors Microsoft is just really passionate about wanting people to use its Microsoft Edge browser, which is a completely justified reason to put out a message encouraging people to stick to their browser, but in future, Microsoft should really consider audience’s reactions to their marketing efforts.

The message and its consequences

People don’t like being told what browsers to use

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