March 24, 2022


Model Chic has operated since 2015 in Australia, having experience in classic women's dresses for almost every occasion. The online store sells a wide selection of bride & bridesmaid dresses with low pricing and top-notch customer service. offers Multi-way Dresses, Formal Dresses, Wedding Gowns, Bridesmaid Dresses with over 80+ Colours & also Bridal Jewellery Items. From function to fashion, the Model Chic collection has something for everyone in the family.

Why Model Chic Picked BigCommerce -

They needed a platform with a lot of functionality and ease of use. The overall strategy was to improve the website's functionality and performance, implement a more modern code-base, update the site's look and feel, and increase its online sales.

They used a matrix to examine features, pricing, and the technology side of Magento, Shopify Plus, WordPress, and BigCommerce. The technology that came out on top was BigCommerce. BigCommerce didn't require as much technical knowledge and had a lower total cost of ownership.

Results With BigCommerce - 

Model Chic established its website on the BigCommerce platform with a genuinely unique consumer experience packed with powerful custom features, putting them on a path to rapid growth. The outcomes have been fantastic! It's incredible how fast the site is now and how excellent it looks, which is reflected in sales. 

Since launching website on BigCommerce, Model Chic achieved 140% increase in site traffic and gained approx 7K online users on the website. (The matrix reflects the data of 2020-2021)

BigCommerce was more user-friendly, versatile, and had a superior approach to integrating third-party apps. It was also more powerful than before, allowing Model Chic to manage many forms of marketing. The page load speed times have improved, and technologies like bulk product uploads make day-to-day chores go much more quickly. In addition, BigCommerce's UI and UX are logical and user-friendly.

Model Chic worked with Dotsquares to create a new, unique design for its existing BigCommerce site to take its online business to the next level.

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