January 19, 2024


The development of eCommerce is accelerating annually, now representing a significant portion of the retail sector. This growth is not limited to any specific industry; businesses of all sizes are engaging in eCommerce development. In this context, Shopify stands out as a major player, contributing to the success of numerous businesses globally.

The Shopify app ecosystem is booming, offering merchants various tools to enhance their online stores. But in this competitive landscape, standing out requires more than just great functionality. Enter the production engineering approach, a game-changer transforming how Shopify apps are built and maintained.

Shopify app development revolved around individual developers, often leading to siloed teams and custom-built tools. When using traditional methods, there can be issues with slow deployments, reactive monitoring, and difficulty scaling. If you modernise your store, you can flip the script, prioritising platform stability, scalability, and reliability.

Tools Used in Shopify Production Engineering Approach

With Shopify, you can keep your eCommerce store in the best shape and handle every traffic scale. You can bring together cross-functional teams with experts from DevOps, security, and infrastructure. With this, you can encourage seamless collaboration and knowledge sharing. Here are some ways you can improve your overall presence on the eCommerce landscape:

  • Standardised tools: IaC (Infrastructure as Code) like Terraform and Ansible automate infrastructure provisioning and configuration, ensuring consistency and repeatability.
  • CI/CD pipelines: Continuous integration and continuous delivery pipelines streamline deployments, enabling faster time to market and frequent updates.
  • Proactive monitoring: You get access to tools like Prometheus and Grafana to watch the platform's health. It helps improve the performance of the platform and generates alerts for potential issues.
  • Built-in scalability: In this, you can use Containerisation technologies like Docker and Kubernetes package apps for portability and effortless scaling to meet fluctuating demand.
  • Logging and tracing: Tools like ELK Stack and Zipkin are used to collect and analyse logs and traces to debug and troubleshoot problems.

Benefits of Production Engineering with Shopify

Production Engineering at Shopify is used to build and maintain the company's critical infrastructure. In this, software and system engineering is used to solve complex challenges related to the infrastructure of Shopify.

  • Enhanced platform stability and reliability: with Shopify Production Engineering, you can ensure fewer outages, smoother performance, and more satisfied customers.
  • Faster time to market: If you want to update your app or make any changes, you can do so easily.
  • Increased scalability: Handle growing traffic and user base with ease, so that you can compete with your competitors.
  • Improved team collaboration: it helps with breaking down silos, fostering communication, and unlocking the power of diverse expertise.

Difference Between Traditional & Production Engineering in Shopify

Feature Old Shopify Engineering Production Engineering
Focus New features Building and maintaining the platform
Structure Siloed teams Cross-functional teams
Tools Custom-built tools Standardised tools
Deployment Manual deployments CI/CD
Monitoring Reactive Proactive
Scalability Difficulty scaling Built-in scalability

Dotsquares: Your Partner in Shopify Modernisation

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