May 11, 2018


In a scathing statement released last week, North Korea denied any hacking attempts on the UN database that contained data for monitoring sanctions against Pyongyang.

On Wednesday May 2nd, North Korea rebuked the US for finding unfounded faults in a closed-door meeting of the sanctions committee held on April 30th. In the statement, it denied recognizing “the illegal and unlawful security council’s ‘sanctions resolutions’ and added Pyongyang “is not interested in what the sanctions committee does

NORTH KOREA DENIES ANY HACKING ATTEMPTS ON THE UN SANCTIONS COMMITTEE DATABASE!Making further snide remarks, North Korea concluded its statement with-

The US and hostile forces should squarely recognise the trend of the times and make efforts to do the work helpful to detente and (the) peace process on the Korean peninsula rather than manipulating plots with that hacking incident

The released statement comes with the acknowledgement that The U.S. has again picked fault with the D.P.R.K. (The acronym of the country’s official name Democratic People’s Republic of Korea).

It is noteworthy, however, that the US has never accepted making such a claim. The spokesperson from the US mission has said, “These quotes and comments attributed to the US delegation are entirely false”.

To include the testament of the other parties involved, A Security Council diplomat has said that during the entire meeting the hacking-issue was discussed only briefly, and that too was in the reference of the report on the sanctions implementation, released recently by the panel of sanction experts.

Furthermore, the meeting was attended by diplomats from 15 countries and some sanction experts, however, no north-Korean representative was present. It definitely raises a question as to how North Korea got their hands on the content discussed during the meeting, and on what bases is it making such defensive arguments?


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