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It is not easy to choose technology for web development when there are many names to choose from. React has been an excellent technology for website development. This front-end technology is crucial in creating a user-friendly website every scale of business model. React is a popular tech stack used by many top names across every industry.

What is JavaScript?

It is a widely used language for web development. You can create interactive and dynamic websites with this. It can enhance the functionality of the website. It was a scripting language when it was launched. Now, it is used in every type of development, whether it is game, web, or app development.

It is used to add interactivity to the web pages, and you can modify and manipulate the HTML and CSS elements. There is no need to reload every time as it changes the content dynamically.

What is TypeScript?

It is an open-source coding language that improves with JavaScript. It can be used for building websites and applications. With new features and additional tools, it is a great help for the development community. TypeScript has a compiler that easily translates the code written in this language into JavaScript with the help of a web browser.

TypeScript is compatible with many platforms and browsers, making it widely used for web development. It is the best solution to make the JavaScript code easy. TypeScript code comes with little maintenance, and everyone can understand it easily.

What is React?

React is a front-end library based on JavaScript to create user interfaces. With many tools, it can make structuring easy and is also used in front-end web development. It has grown in popularity as less coding is needed to create dynamic web apps. You can reuse the code and save development time.

React has many tools for debugging and reducing the overall development time. Many big names, like Facebook, Airbnb, Netflix, etc., use React for their various development needs, including user interfaces.

Should You Use React With JavaScript or TypeScript?

Using React for development is an excellent option for building an intuitive and responsive web presence with the user interface. In this regard, both JavaScript and TypeScript are used with React. You should choose one based on your business platform requirements. We are here to help you choose the better one for your business based on different factors.

Benefits of React With JavaScript

  • Many developers across the globe are familiar with JavaScript, which makes it easy to adopt. It has many libraries to ease web development.
  • You can write codes much faster and make changes quickly. It is very flexible for every type of front-end development.
  • JavaScript has many libraries and frameworks that you can use with React. It also has a strong community so that you can resolve your issues faster.
  • It is the best choice if you have prior working experience in front-end development.

Benefits of React With TypeScript

  • When it comes to TypeScript, it becomes easy to catch development errors. You can work with static typing and get easy-to-maintain code. React with TypeScript is best if you have a team of developers working on your project.
  • It comes with robust support and tools. You can manage code navigation and enhance productivity with ease.
  • As TypeScript supports static typing, it can prevent bugs and simplify code management.
  • React development services with typescript is the smart choice for seamless collaboration and effective results.

Comparison Between React With TypeScript and React With JavaScript

Choosing a tech stack is a vital step for overall business growth on the digital ground. You should choose one after researching and considering your needs for a programming language. You can go for React with TypeScript or React with JavaScript based on your development needs.

Feature React with JavaScript React with TypeScript
Type Definitions It uses PropTypes for runtime type checking. It utilises TypeScript interfaces and types for compile-time type checking.
Static Typing There is no static typing when it is on default. t supports static typing and can catch type-related errors at compile time.
Code Readability It requires additional documentation for type information. It offers improved code readability due to explicit type annotations, making it self-documenting.
Code Refactoring It has limited tooling for automated refactoring. TypeScript provides better support for code refactoring through its language services.
Codebase Scalability There can be challenges in large codebases, especially with type-related issues. It comes with better scalability and maintainability in larger codebases due to static typing.
Integration with IDEs IDE integration is seamless. IDE integration supports TypeScript, providing advanced features like code navigation and refactoring tools.
Learning curve It is easy to learn for JavaScript developers. It is slightly tougher because of static typing.
Community support It has a large community support with many JavaScript libraries. TypeScript also has good community support and popular libraries.
Error detection You can find runtime errors during testing. It offers early detection of potential errors, reducing runtime errors.

When you need to build a platform with third-party integrations, you can prefer React with JavaScript. On the other hand, React with TypeScript is the best option to consider if you want to build a complex app.

  • Regarding performance, React with TypeScript is better because of static typing. You can use this for a faster UI because TypeScript has its own virtual Document Object Model (DOM).
  • If you want to go with what most businesses are using, JavaScript should be your top consideration. It is used for website and browser-based app development.
  • JavaScript can run on any browser, while TypeScript code only runs on a TypeScript-based environment. For this, JavaScript can be a better alternative for your development needs.

How to Approach React Development: Top Practices

When the development approach is correct, the chances of success increase. It is also helpful in reducing the development cost. With adequate practices, you can meet your business expectations with React development:

Quality of code

The first thing you should know is to maintain the code quality. You should ensure that there is no repetitive code. If there is any duplicity in the code, you should use that in reusable component development. It helps manage the project better as you have divided it into various components.

Writing tests for each React component

You should create a test for every component to avoid any bugs. Testing is the best method to eliminate potential vulnerability and ensures that every component works as intended.

Do not use the state

React state records data; when you change any component, it renders again. It is better if developers avoid the state so much as it can create complexities in the project. Use the state to make development easy and quick when needed.

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