May 15, 2018


One of the most trusted market research organisations‘Research and Markets’ has recently published another valuable report, on the growth prospects of the CRM outsourcing market, between 2018-2022.

RESEARCH AND MARKETS RELEASED REPORT ON GLOBAL CRM OUTSOURCING MARKET FOR 2018-2022The report, which is now available to purchase, details the analytical forecasting of the market. It includes a detailed study of the present and prospective market situations in the three main geographical segments – America, Asia-Pacific, Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

To get more detailed information for these specific markets, the researchers have collected inputs from the industry experts, and then have evaluated the analytical data of the markets themselves with it. To make the report more defining, the researchers have also included studies on the CRM industry leaders like Cognizant, IBM, HCL Technologies, Infosys, and Accenture.

Here are some other important aspects that make this report a major document for the CRM investors.

  • The report describes the impact of major technological factors on CRM requirements and market trends, such as Big Data and Machine Learning-based data analytics.
  • It also brought light to the crucial demands to be expected during the forecasted period, one being that of large-scale client management.
  • The report also mentions the predictable market challenges like lack of domain expertise which would grow as the market demands complexifies.
  • Other than that, one would also get invaluable insights on the market drivers, analytically forecasted trends, and the key vendors who would be leading the market with innovative solutions.

With all these incredibly useful insights, the report certainly brings immeasurable values to the investors. As an analyst from the research team states, “One trend in the market is the advent of big data and analytics services. A large number of firms depend on analytics services to transform unstructured data into structured data that are gathered from various online channels. They use advanced analytical CRM tools and CRM solutions such as predictive analytics, which helps them to understand the pattern related to business and consumer behaviours.”

It is clear, that with such meticulously analysed data at the upfront, the key players of the industry will have a more defined path to explore the possibilities, and tackle the future challenges of the market, which as per an important finding from the report is going to grow at a compound growth rate of 5.94 per year.

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