December 19, 2016


Here at Dotsquares we are changing the way we work to benefit our lifestyle choices, and here is how we have gone about it.

Over the last few years the UK government has been cracking down on our unhealthy lifestyles, and over the course of 2016 it seems like the nation is finally understanding the importance of a healthy lifestyle. People are now making more of an effort to eat healthier, exercise regularly and make their health a priority. However with our busy lifestyles and schedules fitting any exercise around work can be a challenge in itself. It wouldn’t necessarily effect those who have physically demanding job roles, but for those who have desk jobs are certainly considered to be at a health risk, from sitting for long periods of time.


“In previous studies there has been links between excessive sitting with obesity, type 2 diabetes, some types of cancer and early death”. – NHS

  It has been said that sitting for long periods of time can slow the metabolism, which affects the body’s ability to regulate blood sugar, blood pressure and break down body fat. In office based jobs in the UK, people spend more than 7 hours a day sitting which is why there is such a concern.

However, here at the Dotsquares Head Office in Albourne, we have found a way to counteract having to sit for long periods of the day, whilst still being able to get our work done, and that’s all thanks to the team at 20six ltd. They are Brighton based specialists that offer innovative design, quality fit-out and contemporary office and leisure furniture. 20six ltd were able to source desks that you can adjust to any preferred height, meaning you can stand and still get on with your work comfortably. This has dramatically changed the way our Head Office team work on a day to day basis, just see what they have to say….


“I love to stand more then sit (not a fitness freak by any means, just by choice) but with the old desks it was difficult. With the new sit and stand desks it’s so easy to switch between sitting and standing. They are far more practical as I can do my Skype meetings walking around my desk, and it’s much better when you are showing something to a few people, and they all don’t have to pull up chairs. Lastly, they are a good exercise for your arms.” – Pranay Misra – Project Manager


“ I find that when I stand, it not only makes me stand straight to improve my posture, it also makes me feel more awake, and if it helps me keep a little more in shape then that’s an added bonus!” – Verona Hodgson – Office Manager


“They work really well when it comes to‘Team Huddles’ and quick decision meetings, and at the same time it keeps the weight off that you would normally accumulate by using traditional desks. We were one of the first pioneers in using iterative methodology for our projects known as Agile, and hopefully we can do the same with these desks and help others.” – Bankim Chandra – CEO


“It is a great relief from static muscle fatigue and it keeps me fresh and active. It also, helps to have quick meetings with co-workers by sharing the desk space, and in turn improves the overall efficiency.” – Avinash Khadripathi – Project Manager

  As you can see these ‘Stand & Sit’ desks have not just had individual influence where health benefits are concerned, but they have actually been highly practical and efficient when it comes to applying them in everyday workplace situations, particularly team meetings! We would highly recommend them along with the support of the experts at 20six ltd, and we hope you can reap from the benefits like we have.

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