October 25, 2018


Huawei could be considered an underrated tech company, as although it is one of the biggest phone manufacturers in China. It is often overshadowed globally by the likes of bigger brands such as Microsoft and Tesla, who are releasing constant streams of innovative products on a more regular basis. However, they have recently stepped in to the spotlight after they released several different products that have a new take on some already existing tech products, to make some innovative new products.

The Huawei Mate’s latest model, the Mate 20 Pro, has new features such as a larger screen and three cameras. But in addition to this, as that doesn’t seem very interesting in itself, it has been given the revolutionary feature of a finger print sensor and, even though the iPhone really innovated this feature, Huawei’s sensor differs because their finger print sensor feature is on the screen of the phone.

But the main feature they wanted their phone to have was convenience regarding its power supply, as their latest phone can not only power other compatible devices, but can be recharge itself without even needing to be plugged in .

Huawei’s new watch, Watch GT, is also a new take on a concept that has already been used by another brand. Their watch doesn’t look much like a smart watch as there is no screen that emulates a desktop or phone screen. Their device has a traditional clock face but its USP, similar to the Mate 20 Pro, is that it has a very impressive battery life, as it can go a month without charge.

RUNNING OUT OF CHARGE WILL BE A THING OF THE PAST THANKS TO HUAWEI’S NEW PRODUCTS So it’s clear Huawei’s new products had a specific purpose they wanted to achieve, even if it meant sacrificing other potential features that are present in its competition, such as the range of apps available on the Apple Watch and iPhone. Although, the in screen finger print sensor is also impressive in its own way. Their main goal has definitely been battery life, which is a valid and worthwhile aspect of consumer technology to focus on, as we all know the frustration of charging a product just for it to die on you when you need it the most. So considering this, these new products should put Huawei in the same league as our current technological greats such as Microsoft and Tesla.








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