September 19, 2018


As life is becoming more complex, we are beginning to see growing awareness among people towards fitness of both physique and mind. This inclination, of course, has made a great impact on the healthcare industry, which is continually evolving to meet the consumers’ requirements with the help of latest technologies. In a recent report by Tractica, it was found that joining hands with the latest high-end technologies like AI, the healthcare industry can witness drastic growth in the next decade. And even though it seems like the larger part of this growth will come from the traditional healthcare institute, signs of tech industry’s contribution has already begun to appear on the surface.

Google Fit Source: Android Authority

Last month, Google announced a major update to its healthcare app- Google Fit –after two years of dormancy. The app now boasts new motivation features and a renewed interface. It is now able to further exploit its connectivity with the wearables by applying gamification technologies to motivate users into exercising more. The company has also announced the launch of Pixel 3 and other three Pixel smartwatches in the month of October, further clarifying its intention of creating a better consumer fitness-tech ecosystem.

Samsung Health Version 6.0

Source: Samsung Newsroom

Not long after, Samsung too has brought major updates in its fitness app Samsung Health version 6.0. Earlier called S Health now comes with a more relaxing interface and dashboard that simplifies the access to the most frequently used features. The app now also sports an improved ‘Together’ section that makes it easy for the users to share their pictures, videos and milestones with their friends and Gym partners. The new updates also encourage users to participate in the ‘Global Challenge’ to further motivate themselves and others to stay fit. With the combination of both new and existing features, the app is all set to lay down new benchmarks for all the other apps in the domain. Especially, its section titled ‘Discover’ which makes it easy for the users to personalise the app and accommodate to their preferred health-related content and partner apps. This is just one of the key features making it a revolutionary service and setting it apart from the current fitness apps out there.

Google Trends about Healthcare Apps

Source: Google Trends

And it’s not just the physical well-being that people are becoming more enthused about. The unparalleled success of the leading meditation app ‘Headspace’ goes to show that people are finally beginning to seriously consider their overall well-being. In fact, if we take a look at the search trends among the vast majority, we see that this particular meditation app has garnered more attention from the public than any other app of this genre. These specific services are predicted to contribute massively to industry growth, as it is thought that such apps are to grow their active user base by 200% in the time period of one year, as per a report by CNBC. Clearly, this is the time of the tradition-in-making. Technologies, at the consumer end, is gradually coming to a place where access to resources for maintaining better health is available to all.


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