November 23, 2018


With any new tech release, there is bound to be speculation from excited enthusiasts and this can be years before the product is released. One of Samsung’s projects has captured the imagination of its customers as well as tech lovers in general. It is a genuinely revolutionary product that has finally been revealed and named, the “Infinity Flex Display”, as you can fold the display screen.

The thought behind this truly innovative product came from Samsung’s determination to make its screen even bigger ensuring their phones are still able to fit in people’s pockets. Their solution to this problem was to produce a phone that is the size of a small tablet, but you can fold it to the size of an average touchscreen phone.

Samsung’s new model of phones aren’t using the traditional flip phone model that were popular in the 2000’s, before Steve Jobs’ iPhone shook the phone world to its very core. Samsung’s new phones seem to be following Jobs’ precedent he set out, in terms of developing innovative phones that change what we think a phone is capable of.

SAMSUNG’S NEW PHONE COMES WITH A FOLDABLE SCREEN. HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE? This may seem difficult to digest and this is partly why it has taken so long for a phone such as this to be revealed. The phone’s screen is made out of a substance that is both bendable but unbreakable, so glass wasn’t an option even though it is a favourite of the mobile world, particularly with Apple and gives their phones a sophisticated finish. Samsung’s foldable screens instead use plastic which, may sound less sophisticated, but it is still strong and most importantly, it’s malleable! Because of this use of plastic, Samsung’s phones have another edge over the iPhone, whose screens are famously easy to smash.

The phone that this “Infinity Flex Display” is being used on has been called “RoyoleFlexPai”, and carries on Samsung’s line of phone products which have been rather left behind in the mobile market thanks to the popularity of the iPhones.

So hopefully, these new phones can give Samsung a boost. Even though the foldable screen could very well be considered just a gimmick, it is a very impressive gimmick nevertheless, which is sure to attract the attention of not just its customers but its competitors too when it goes on sale in 2019.

Here is what the actual phone looks like, courtesy of Google images….0…1c..64.img..0.4.212…0.0.97gktCJ8o7s#imgrc=9UI6asZocx97XM:

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