October 16, 2018


Only days after the unveiling of the ground breaking Galaxy A9, Samsung has quietly, but nevertheless officially, revealed the names of its latest Galaxy S10 range.

The new models were named as ‘SM-G9700’, ‘SM-G9730’ and ‘SM-G9750’ with these last digits referring to the geographic identification number, specifically China. These models were certified by China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (CMIIT) on September 25th 2018. It is to be noted that until now, the much-awaited 5G Galaxy S10+ had not yet been certified. The company has put great stakes on this flagship product, as it will be the first one to support the next generation cellular networks.

There is speculation that the limited edition version of the product will be launched soon after the launch of these three models. The launch of Galaxy F, the first folding smartphone by the company has also been delayed, and nothing else has been announced on the fate of the patent multi-fold tablet. To clear things up, regarding which products of the company are scheduled to launch, take a look at this brief overview of most prominent upcoming smartphone models.


Galaxy A9

Earlier this month, Samsung revealed that its Galaxy A9 will be the world’s first smartphone with a four-lensed rear camera. The main rear camera of the phone will have 24 MP in resolution, and the remaining three lenses will support 2X zooming, and scene and depth optimisation. With cameras that produce such high-resolution images, the phone will also provide record internal memory size of 128 GB, which can be expanded up to 512 GB. During the event that unveiled the phone, the president and chief executive of the company’s IT and mobile communications division, DJ Koh said, “Building on our legacy in smartphone camera development we’re introducing next-generation technology across our entire Galaxy portfolio to give more consumers the opportunity to experience cutting-edge innovation.”

Galaxy S10

Galaxy S10 models have the smoothest progress among all its peers. As discussed above, three of its models have already been named and certified by CMIIT. These new models, when launched, will boast 6.0″ (15.24 cm) with Octa-core processor, and 6 GB of RAM. These more economic models of the flagship Galaxy S10 Plus may be introduced to the market as soon as next month.

Galaxy S10 Plus

The launch date of the much-awaited Galaxy S10 Plus, also dubbed as the 10th-anniversary model, has not yet been finalised. Though the speculations were made that it too will be launched by the end of this year, the actual date still seems a long way off. In any case, the promised features of the phone include support for the next generation cellular network 5G, a 6.44″ display, an Octa-core processor with 16 MP triple rear camera, the front screen fingerprint sensor, ultrasonic in-display reader, Face ID unlock, and 64 GB internal memory which is expandable to up to 400 GB.

Galaxy F

Galaxy F has been having its launch date delayed the most and is therefore the most anticipated model and it makes sense too. After all how many foldable smartphones have you seen on the market? In any case, once the smartphone comes to the market, it may well open up a new horizon for the entire industry. At least that is what Samsung is planning, as Koh himself admitted, “after consumer surveys… showed that there is a market for that kind of handset” and “We wouldn’t have started [the project] if it was a going to be a one-time thing.”






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