August 13, 2018


Salesforce Sales Cloud or the integrated environment of Salesforce Automation (SFA) Tools, is the best solution for businesses looking for automating their sales processes for a growing customer base. It takes care of multiple processes including opportunity management and data synchronisation. It streamlines multiple processes by connecting varied components of sales by requiring minimal human intervention. As a result, the productivity and efficiency of the organisations increase with a promising prospect for future scalability. There are many features and tools of SFA that make it possible for it to automate a large number of tasks and improve overall efficiency.


  • Information Management
  • Campaign Optimisation
  • Workflow Management
  • Forecasting Insights
  • Data Collab
  • Custom Dashboards
  • Mobile Configuration

Let’s take a closer look at what these features means and how they benefit your organisation.

Information Management

In Sales Cloud, you get a complete overview of all your customers’ data, which is essential to close a perfect deal. This data includes the entire history of the dealings between you and your customer, and also social media insights. This helps you to create a more customised solution for your customers, giving them the personalised offer that fits their requirement the best. As a result, you will close more deals with better solutions, and boost the customer’s loyalty in the long run. A complete win-win situation, isn’t it?

Campaign Optimisation

From managing opportunities to the nurturing of leads, SFA offers a comprehensive solution to improve the outputs of your sales campaigns. It does so by giving you a 360-degree view of your team’s multiple deals. You can see the different stages and products they are dealing with, in the corresponding quotations. This allows you to better manage the sales campaign with improved insights, and data-based planning. Same applies to the optimisation of the leads, as you can follow up closely on the tracks of each of the leads and then optimise the campaigns with the latest and more accurate data.

Workflow Management

Like other CRM solutions, SFA automates a lot of your recurrent sales related tasks, with customisation available at all the levels. However, unlike other CRM’s it also makes management of such workflows easier. It offers a Visual Workflow with which you can quickly design the workflow for automating the business processes, using simple drag-and-drop actions. Now you can efficiently assemble the different components of multiple types of deals, so that you can easily focus on the tasks that need your undivided attention.

Forecasting Insights

Salesforce Sales cloud help your sales reps by providing them with all the information and forecasting insights they require, to create better and conversion-optimized campaigns. This data is also accessible team-wide for better implementation support. Furthermore, with features like inline editing and visibility override, there is no limit on how you can use the real-time data from numerous variables, to formulate more accurate forecasting for your proposed solutions.

Data Collab

Access to same editable data across one or multiple teams is one of the most fulfilling advantages of CRM cloud solution. Salesforce Sales Cloud indeed takes the team collaboration to a whole new level, where sharing of files become instantaneous with real-time tracking of each edit made to the content. The cloud also makes it easy to engage oneself in team discussions,while also sharing and editing files simultaneously, and it’s not just the easy synchronisation and sharing of files that makes team collaboration so easy on SFA. It’s also about how much it simplifies the traversing of the files, and manages the access permissions. You can also manage the notifications to ensure better team collaboration while ensuring the safety and consistency of the data.

Custom Dashboards

It is understandable that while a great amount of relevant data is useful for managing sales operations effectively, searching for the most frequently required sections of information or tasks in the whole bundle can be pretty time-consuming, and even self-defeating. It is ineffective to go look for the most relevant information, following the complete navigation, every time you need to access the real-time data. This is where the custom dashboards come into the picture. It is known that every business requirements are different, therefore, a standard dashboard would never do the task. However, with custom dashboards, and custom reports, Salesforce gives you more power on how you view and manage your data for a more personalised approach.

Mobile Configuration

Any cloud solution is incomplete without a provision for remote accessibility, and since mobile is the device of the present times that remote accessibility has to be available on mobile devices as well. Salesforce mobile application, therefore, caps all the best features of SFA that makes it the best and most popular CRM cloud solution. With the app, the admin and sales team can stay updated with the sales performance at all the times. Not to mention, how it also allows you to respond to your leads from anywhere and at any time.

Indeed, when it comes to counting the features of Salesforce Sales Cloud and their direct and indirect benefits for Sales operations, the list can continue endlessly. However, we have made an attempt to only point the most significant and beneficial features of the solution, that also sets Salesforce apart from its peers. Want to know more about these and other SFA features, and how you can get maximum advantage out of them? Connect with our Salesforce consultants today, and start maximising your profits from Salesforce investments.

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