August 05, 2022


Business owners spend millions modifying their brick-and-mortar stores to attract more potential clients. The same is the case with e-commerce websites. An E-commerce website is your online storefront visible to several prospective clients. Unlike a physical store, you do not have to pay millions to set up or re-vamp your Shopify store. All you need to do is make a series of wise decisions. The first decision - which Shopify theme to use - standard or bespoke? Let us help you.

Why Is This Decision So Important?

An online Shopify store is 50-70% cheaper and 40-60% more profitable than a physical store. With this, we can analyse the skyrocketing demand for e-commerce. To make the best of the current opportunity you must create a fantastic user experience and visual appeal. In short, you need an exceptional theme to attract your viewers.

“For you to achieve your goals, visitors must first achieve theirs” Bryan Eisenberg (Marketing Expert, Author and Speaker)

Although standard Shopify themes are amazing, you are restricted by a particular layout having limited options. Moreover, standard themes (accessible to everyone) rarely help you get recognized and remembered in the crowd. On the contrary, custom-built Shopify themes revolve 360-degree around your business goals, branding, and vision. With custom Shopify themes, you have a plethora of options to make your website feature-rich and visually appealing. Away from the crowd, your brand will be recognized by your e-commerce store.

Ask Yourself These Questions

It is easier said than done. We understand the dilemma of making any business decision e-commerce website is one of them. Try finding answers to the below-mentioned questions.

  • What are you aiming for? An MVP (for startup) or a complex web solution.
  • How important is branding for you?
  • How much time is needed to build a Shopify store from scratch?
  • What is the cost of building a Shopify theme from scratch?
  • Is the cost viable for your overall budget?
  • How much customization would a standard Shopify theme need to fulfil your expectations?
  • What is your time-to-market strategy?
  • Do you have a USP (Unique Selling Point)? If yes, what functions do you need for that?
  • What is the cost of maintaining the e-commerce website in the long run?

Standard Shopify Themes

Standard Shopify themes are predesigned themes with which it is easier to set up your store. Technically, predefined themes eliminate the designing step from the entire process of e-commerce web development.

100% of users shop from online stores for user experience, lucrative deals, and to avoid waiting at the cash counters.

You have an entire layout in front of you; all you need to do is fill in the content, do some basic modifications, and configure the entire setup. The themes are built keeping in mind affordability, SEO, and conversions. Standard themes significantly reduce the ‘time to market’ for budding companies planning to launch their product in the market soon.

Pros Cons
Easy to develop an online store Restricted functionalities.
Less time and money consumption. Generic designs lead to cut-throat competition.
Choose from 70+ amazing website themes. 100x times harder to leave a mark and attract potential clients.
Less time to market Comes with pre-set features whether you want them or not.
A viable option for MVPs The need to adjust the content as per the design.
Installations and integrations are easy. It may require you to add more add-ons making you think custom development is the best option.

Custom Built Shopify Themes

Custom themes are built by Shopify experts right from scratch. The design entirely revolves around your business model, goals, and branding. The process of custom development is time-consuming as compared to using Standard themes, but it will help you outstand the crowd.

Learn from your competitors, but never copy them. If you copy them, you die” - Jack Ma, EC Alibaba Group.

The online content you upload speaks for your brand (as you directly cannot reach out to your audience). With custom development, you do not have to adjust the content. You can consider the content as the key factor in designing.

Pros Cons
Keep the strongest first impression with unique and attractive themes. Costlier than Shopify development with standard themes.
Fast loading websites It will take more time and additional resources to build your website.
Flexibility to create mobile responsive themes. Do not expect your store to launch in a couple of days.
No limits on implementing features and functionalities. You need to free up a budget for custom designing right from the scratch.
Clean and optimized codes. Usually expensive for MVPs (Minimum Viable Products).
Create a strong and unforgettable brand. You require dedicated talent from an experienced Shopify development company.
No unnecessary functions, layouts, or CTAs.

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The Pricing Dilemma

If viewed from a futuristic angle, the cost is neither an advantage nor a disadvantage. It is an investment that will repay in the form of long-term ROI or recurring sales.

Your e-commerce website is how your overall business is perceived by the ones who haven't met you in person - anonymous.

For instance,

Regardless of the products, custom themes with better navigation, fast-loading speed, CTAs, and powerful content, will help you enhance the user experience and retain your customers for lifelong. Result? Increased ROI.

On the contrary, with standard themes, you might have to spend more on additional techniques like digital marketing and online promotions to get recognized amongst your target audience (as the competition is fierce). Additionally, you might have to ultimately opt for custom development as your business scales.

It's Time To Decide

With a lot of ways in front of you, it is easier to get lost. While a standard Shopify theme seems an excellent shortcut, a custom Shopify theme might seem like a little more work. No matter the choice, creating a perfect ecosystem for your consumers is important. The customer is the king of any business.

For in-depth assistance and strategy building for your project, reach out to Dotsquares Shopify Development Company.