August 11, 2023


Every industry and every business is embracing artificial intelligence, which is the talk of the town in today's rapidly evolving digital space. As automation and cost reduction are the primary factors contributing to the success of any business, AI has endless possibilities.

HubSpot is one of the leading CRM in the market today, and it is helping many businesses reach their maximum potential with its countless features and functionalities. It is evolving and recently added an AI-powered assistant for managing marketing campaigns.

What is the HubSpot Campaign Assistant?

HubSpot Campaign Assistant is a tool that uses AI to streamline marketing campaigns, helping create landing pages, marketing emails, and ads.

This tool integrates AI into HubSpot's marketing strategy, allowing marketers to obtain relevant results by selecting the tone of voice and providing basic information about the marketing campaign. Users can then get desired content with a few clicks. The tool is free to use with HubSpot and can reduce business costs associated with copywriting.

What Type of Content Can You Create With HubSpot Campaign Assistant?

With HubSpot's Campaign Assistant, marketers can automate content-related tasks in marketing channels. This tool allows users to generate content for various needs to start their marketing campaign. With OpenAI's GPT 3, the following are the key areas this tool covers:

  • Marketing campaigns rely on landing pages with captivating content. HubSpot Campaign Assistant's automation simplifies high-quality content creation for these essential pages.
  • Experts can utilise this tool for email marketing content creation. HubSpot, used for email workflow automation, now generates content too.
  • Google Ads is an excellent platform for making businesses reach the masses. With catchy content from HubSpot Campaign Assistant, businesses can elevate their marketing strategy.
  • This tool for copy creation will soon be available for Facebook Ads and Instagrams Ads.

How to Get Started With HubSpot Campaign Assistant?

HubSpot Campaign Assistant employs OpenAI's GPT-3 to generate texts. Users can set this up for marketing campaigns with just a few clicks. Marketers should avoid sharing sensitive information in prompts, such as banking information and credentials, as HubSpot stores information like generated responses and user metrics to improve the product.

Moreover, it also shares the prompts to OpenAI. Here is an overview of how to get started with HubSpot Campaign Assistant:

Select the asset type

To automate marketing activities in your business model, users must decide what they need. HubSpot's AI-powered tool can be used for creating landing page content, marketing emails, and Google ad copy.

Generate copy with AI

To initiate marketing automation, share essential campaign details such as tone and asset type. Describe your campaign to discover suitable copy. Wrap it up with an enticing Call-To-Action highlighting your product's features.

Create marketing campaigns

After generating your business copy, seamlessly transfer it to landing pages, marketing emails, or Google ad sections. Harness the power of AI to cut copywriting expenses and allocate time for other business pursuits, all while easily concocting impactful marketing campaigns.

Benefits of HubSpot Campaign Assistant

Here are some of the benefits of using HubSpot's AI-powered Campaign Assistant:

  • A remarkably useful solution, this tool optimises time management and content workflow for Businesses. Redirecting your focus to other areas, allowing HubSpot's solution to skillfully Minimise Copywriting and Content Writing expenditures.
  • You can easily modify engaging text to fit your needs with this HubSpot tool. Generate multiple versions of the text and seamlessly incorporate keywords and sentences.
  • You can export your content from your local computer or HubSpot CRM and use it for marketing purposes.

Leverage HubSpot & AI Capabilities to the Fullest with Dotsquares

Utilising AI, HubSpot effectively streamlines business processes and significantly boosts productivity. The HubSpot Campaign Assistant stands out as the most cutting-edge marketing tool available. Our team of experts at Dotsquares understands how to optimise your HubSpot CRM to its fullest potential. Get in touch with us now to stay updated with the latest HubSpot features and maximise your results.

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