September 07, 2018


Health is a topic that a lot of people these days are very conscious about. People are really trying to improve their health in various different ways, through gyms and protein drinks, healthy living, counting calories, fitness and keeping an eye on their heart rate through handy pieces of technology that monitor how healthy your blood flow is.

Blood pressure seems to be one of the biggest concerns within the Health Industry. Particularly in monitoring blood pressure and BPM to ultimately get a better understanding of how healthy people are. One of the biggest brands in the technology industry, Microsoft, has done more than simply show an interest, they have developed their own new way of tracking your health, by monitoring your BPM through a pair of glasses.

According to the various news outlets, the most agreed name for this device is ‘Glabella’. We doubt this is the final name, as a glabella is simply the gap between your eyes on the nose ridge, which isn’t a very inspiring or catchy name.

Microsoft's New Gadget

Perhaps spurred on by the popularity of the Fitbit and similar wearable health products, the pictures that have come out accompanying the news of the Glabella products show a woman wearing a pair of slightly chunky, but nevertheless ordinary looking glasses. So they are obviously going for a more inconspicuous look with their blood pressure monitor, certainly more inconspicuous than the traditional cuff-around-the-arm approach. Not only is this new alternative stylish, it is practical as it helps you keep track of your health in a more mobile way.

The main technology the glasses consist of are monitors and sensors so that the gadget can determine where the blood has travelled to at various times and various locations around the body giving a reading of the blood pressure of the wearer. There are ocular sensors that track the pulse as well as sensors that track the transit times for the blood, thus accurately determining the user’s blood pressure.

The Glabella blood pressure monitor does not seem to be completely ready to be released for the general public so, at this stage, it is difficult to predict whether it will take off as well as the other wearable health devices, but hopefully it can achieve enough success to be in the ranks of Microsoft’s successful business ventures.

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