November 02, 2018


As our knowledge and technological ability expands, it seems that government officials and higher authorities are investing a newfound interest, into the role of ethical considerations in the work produced by digital companies around the globe. With recent years having seen a boom in Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology development, and the finer details of each and every invention becoming harder to keep track of, it begs the question of whether enough is being done to sustain a balanced moral code in the ever-evolving industry of digital innovation.

Cyber security and advancing technology is thought to go hand in hand when discussing the subject of ethics, in the fastest growing industry of our world today. As a population, our trust in tech is eroding and it is evident that many are growing skeptical to the idea that the extent of this digital shift is one of positive origins. In a world where the value of speed and efficiency is held above that of accuracy and morality, we are pressed to query how each product affects the wider social dynamic. Developers of new age technology are traditionally not required to reflect on the work they do in a broader context and anticipate the needs of others. Could regulations that are often required, fall into a grey area which enables the reshaping of functionalities to the extent that laws could become obsolete in the absence of correct framework and procedure.


Despite many initial reservations regarding the integration of such technologies, AI has an overwhelming number of advocates who are enabling the majority of tech-related organisations to envisage a future inclusive of AI enhancements. However, the issue which has been and still remains prominent in the conversation of such advancements, is that, although AI is capable of productivity far beyond that of which humans alone can achieve, it still cannot comprehend the crucial element of sensitivity and fairness, causing ethical implications of the bias surrounding race, gender and sexuality. 

The concept of new technology designed to enhance the information given by human beings and advance innovations may still be finding its’ feet, however with the initiative to learn and progress, it is hoped that with the influence of those who strive for social progress and equality, it has the potential to become a catalyst for positive global change and shift the possible misconception that tech is in the midst of a moral dilemma.

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