March 09, 2017


We all know that running a business takes dedicated time and effort, and no business would be successful without its customers. However trying to balance work productivity, and customer relations, whilst growing your business can be a real challenge! Over the years businesses have grown a lot wiser to this particular challenge, and thanks to dynamic industry CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems, the whole process is now managed more efficiently.

Here at Dotsquares, our experts continually push technology boundaries, to not only bring the latest tech innovations to market, but also to perfect business management for all our client’s business needs. As mobile apps are now becoming the epicentre of all businesses, our professionals have now taken it one step further by developing a mobile app called “Pocket CRM”

“That’s Business In Your Back Pocket!”

pocket‘Pocket CRM’ has been built using the number #1 CRM system Salesforce, to assist our clients with better UX for their customers, and also to better manage their business using the app’selite capabilities.

Its appeal was manifested when clients realised that they could access any part of their CRM from their mobiles. Which is pretty handy for those who need to travel frequently for business. The app has highly interactive features where the user can check daily sales leads, and conversion rates with graphical reports. They can also use sophisticated searches to obtain relevant contact and account details for particular leads and listed cases with the IT solution.

Other features include:

DASHBOARD – using Salesforce account credentials. User can get a PI chart flow of their current status of Leads, Contacted, Converted and Closed

CONTACTS -User can get quick hand information on leads/clients.

MY CASES – User can see all cases of any Lead (Client Account) in the different categories like open case, close case and new case.

SOLUTIONS– User can get any case solution of any lead.

It’s fair to say that the Pocket CRM app truly is an ingenious app that allows you to access valuable information, from any client and anywhere. With quick hand information like this you can delegate with ease and successfully grow your empire!


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