August 26, 2015


As we sail into 2015, we have been taking stock of the latest updates made to Apple hardware and software (iOS) in last few months. To support the greater range of devices Apple is releasing operating system updates more frequently, to keep you updated there is a summary of the main points in the latest iOS below.

Custom Keyboard

iOS 8 allows you to create custom keyboards of your own. If you want to develop a fancy keyboard with your own character set, input methods and layout – this is the feature to use.

Today / Widgets

Just like Android, we can now have widgets on our iOS devices. Not only the widgets are helpful for quick updates but also can be refreshed automatically giving the users a live experience.


iOS 8 comes with this rather complex API through which a user can start an activity on one device and resume on another device This can be useful for business users who own multiple devices.

Touch ID

Apple apps can now have bio metric authentication by using the Touch ID technology. Thanks to the hidden sensors in the home button, apps with high security demands can now have touch ID implemented.


Develop apps for Apple Watches which are linked with iPhone/iPads. Create glances and widget like experience.

Apple Pay

‘Apple Pay’ is now integrated with Touch ID so that you can securely pay for your physical goods and services. No need to remember card information or passwords.


Latest apple hardware now comes equipped with air pressure sensors. We can now compute relative elevation. This feature is available in iPhone 6 and 6+ . We hope you find the updates exciting and informative. We have an ever growing mobile application team of 100+ senior developers, who have been working on various mobile platforms since Android and iOS inception. They work in a state of the art development centre with access to latest mobile devices and development tools. Please contact us for a free, no obligation upgrade estimate for your current application or a new one you want us to develop.


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