August 26, 2015


As you may know, technology is upgrading day by day to make applications much more secure, innovative and robust.

We now have the latest ASP.Net Framework 4.5, MVC 5 and Visual Studio 13 platforms, that means that older Frameworks such as Classic ASP and early versions of will not receive future updates (including bugs and security updates). Technology changes have also been made within the new versions of Microsoft .Net Frameworks (the Framework is an integrated part of the Windows platform), the new Frameworks offer much better security and performance.

If you’re on old version of ASP.Net or in Classic ASP then now is the perfect time to upgrade and move to the latest version. Or if you’re planning to start a new Asp.Net site, we recommend choosing ASP.Net 4.5 with MVC 5 and Visual Studio 13 – it’s stable and a lot more compatible with the latest browsers.

The all new .Net 4.5 is here and it’s even more powerful

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