March 31, 2017


SolarWinds have recently released their 2017 IT trends report, and it has given an interesting insight into Cloud migration. According the report 95% of IT professionals surveyed said that they had “Migrated critical applications and IT infrastructure to the Cloud over the past year” Although this is quite an astounding figure, the report did go on to explain that even though Cloud migration was growing, 69% of respondents spent less than 40% of their yearly budget on Cloud technologies! On the flip side of things 59% mentioned that although their Cloud budgets were less than a third of their yearly budget, they were still receiving expected benefits from Cloud installations.

The Cloud – IT trends are evolving as 95% of businesses are migrating to the CloudAs predicted businesses are still solely relying on hybrid infrastructures and on-premises applications, however over the last 12 months 74% of respondents have moved applications to the Cloud. The report also highlighted how businesses still use the Cloud for storage (50%) over databases (35%), but as technology is evolving these statistics are more than likely to change with the technology, as more businessesturn to the platform. It has been proven in the report that those businesses who have already migrated have seen the greatest potential in ROI.

It doesn’t stop there! The Cloud hasn’t just proven itself as a smart business move, it’s also shown that it is changing people’s roles within the IT industry. Of those who participated in the survey, 62% said that the Cloud has required them to learn new skills whilst maintaining their career path. Whereas 11% said that working with the Cloud has changed their career path completely. When looking at these statistics in more detail more than 50% were looking to recruit more experts for the management of cloud technologies.

So as you can see working with the Cloud is proving to show many benefits not only in sales but in the future of the IT industry!

If you are thinking of moving your business and applications to the Cloud please feel free to give us a call so that we can discuss any queries you may have in greater detail!


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