August 26, 2015


Recent new research by our partners at Gartner (the world’s most trusted source of Independent IT, Marketing and Supply Chain Research and Advice) has found that the landscape for mobile and digital application development is changing. The current demand for experienced skilled developers is outstripping supply and making a trusted and dependable resource hard to find. Gartner are currently advising their clients and others to shift their sourcing focus to niche providers who can build a collaborative relationship and the development support they need. By 2018 this “bottleneck” of development resources is predicted to become critical. Here at Dotsquares we have been growing apace with the market and with our new approach to on boarding our new employees through the Dotsquares University we hope to ensure that we have the right talent, at the right time, in the right place… Ready to start on projects with our clients! With over 600 technical employees we have excellent resources available for web and app projects with little lead time needed to get them assigned and working with you. We know that being as flexible as possible is one of the things that make us a market leader and we’ll continue to ensure that your resources are available when you need them.

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