August 30, 2018


Research from a number of studies have been published on the global market of retail eCommerce. They all featured a number of important findings on the current and future scope of the market and detailed who will be the top players in the coming years.

This research is crucial considering the rapid shift and drastic growth of the industry. Huge mergers and acquisitions like that of Walmart and Flipkart, as well as Sainsbury and Asda, have become more frequent than one may have initially assumed in the early days of Ecommerce.

The adoption of Smart speakers, such as Alexa and Google Assistant, for making quick purchases also hints at the rapid growth in retail eCommerce. Not to mention that the unanimous acceptance of the initiatives taken by tech conglomerates, in adopting IoT technologies for creating innovative approaches, like that of Amazon Go, hints at a more promising future.


In such a scenario, it becomes extremely important for the investors to get a better understanding of the retail eCommerce industry. The Global Retail E-commerce Software Market Research Report for 2018, as published by many research institutes including wiseguy, and, does just that. It gives a more data-based prediction of the market to assist investors and other parties involved, to make better-informed decisions.

Some of the more important findings mentioned in these reports were also quite similar. The majority of these results agree that the global Retail E-commerce Software market will be worth 7710 million USD by the end of the year 2023, and The CAGR has grown by 10.6% from 2017.

Another important finding of the study is that areas such as Asia-Pacific will steadily grow to occupy more market shares in the following years, the main players being China, India and Southeast Asian countries. This does not mean the key leader of today’s market, the United States, will lose any of its market shares though. What it means is that the growth of the US eCommerce industry will grow at a steady, albeit slow, pace whilst the rapid technological advances in the Asian region, added with its growing needs of the population, will be able to garner more of the future market share. Other things you can expect from the report include the following.


  • Overview of the Global Retail E-commerce Software Market
  • Point-by-point evaluation for altering competitive dynamics
  • Marketing-strategy Analysis
  • Diagnosis of the Economy Effect Facets
  • Best Sourcing Strategy for Retail E-commerce Software
  • Market Contest by Players
  • Market Segment analysis on the two types, On-Premise and SaaS
  • Market Segment analysis on the two applications, Mobile and PC

As well as this, the report also covers the prominent retail eCommerce development technologies, that the researchers have analysed for their promising future. Some of these technologies are Magento, WooThemes, Shopify, PrestaShop, VirtueMart, OpenCart, BigCommerce, osCommerce, Demandware, Yahoo Store, IBM, SAP Hybris, Oracle ATG Commerce, Open Text Corporation, Pitney Bowes, CenturyLink, Volusion, Ekm Systems, Digital River, Constellation Software, Sitecore, Shopex, Guanyi Soft, Centaur, U1City, Baison, HiShop.

To get more information, you can access the report from the resources section.


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