May 12, 2022


Magento is not only a robust E-commerce platform but also has evolved into the most dependable platform as all sizes of organisations and sectors rely on it. However, when it comes to Magento's success, online retailers underline the importance of the correct Magento 2 extensions.

Magento 2 has extensions related to accounts & finance, marketing, payment and security, shipping, and sales; that can enhance the performance of your platform and give your customers a seamless experience. Whether you want to increase online sales & conversion rates, build trust and reputation, or get in-depth marketing analytics, these extensions will help you improve the efficiency of the store and increase your sales.

1. Account & Finance

TaxJar Sales Tax Automation

TaxJar manages your website’s accounting and finance activities. It automates sales tax calculation, reporting, and filing, saving you time. This Magento plugin is simple to set up and use.


  • Seamless & Automatic Filing
  • Return-Ready, Jurisdiction-Level Reporting
  • Real-Time Sales Tax Rates & Calculations

TaxJar (Adobe Accelerate Exchange Partner) - Check Here

AccurateTax Sales Tax

Keeping track of your sales tax responsibilities has never been easier. AccurateTax Sales Tax connects your store(s) to the AccurateTax Sales Tax Service, allowing you to charge the appropriate sales tax depending on state laws.


  • Real-Time Sales Tax Calculation
  • It simplifies the entire process.
  • AccurateTax is available as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) with a 100% uptime guarantee.

AccurateTax Sales Tax - Check Here

2. Marketing

You will not be able to reach a big audience without marketing. You won't have access to all the various choices for getting your material seen by prospects if you don't use extensions. Use these to make your eCommerce marketing more effective.

Email Marketing


It’s used by 17 million customers to improve e-commerce marketing strategy. It allows you to interact easily with your business, creatively showcase your products, propose items, and recover lost purchases. You can choose your recipients, establish your subject line, and design your email using a pre-built template or build your own with Mailchimp's email builder.

Mailchimp (Adobe Innovate Exchange Partner) - Check Here

Abandoned Cart Email

Cart abandonment can be caused by various factors, including site slowness, pricing, delivery costs and payment issues. On the other hand, personalised emails are an excellent approach to reclaiming lost consumers. The Abandoned Cart Email extension encourages customers to complete their transactions. Offering discounts via emails can help you gain loyal clients. Using this extension can reduce your Cart abandonment rate.

Abandoned Cart Email (Adobe Innovate Exchange Partner)


SEO Suite Ultimate

This is an all-in-one Magento SEO extension that can help your store stand out in Google searches and improve its SEO efficiency. With this extension, you can handle many on-page SEO tasks, remove duplicate content and improve site indexation, as well as optimise any ULRs and large amounts of metadata.

Advanced HTML and XML sitemaps, cross-linking, SEO redirection, and advanced rich snippets are all included in the plugin.

SEO Suite Ultimate (Adobe Innovate Exchange Partner) - Check Here

SEO Toolkit

Amasty SEO Toolkit improves your eCommerce store's rating by automating product and category meta tag templates. It also adds pricing, stock status, and breadcrumbs to snippets. More importantly, SEO Toolkit for Magento 2 reduces human labour, improves store SERP rankings, and thus increases revenue.

SEO Toolkit (Adobe Innovate Exchange Partner) - Check Here

3. Payments & Security

Smart One Step Checkout

An extension to turn the entire procedure into a single-step checkout page is required to avoid losing sales. Our first choice is Aheadworks' brilliant one-step checkout. Orders can be placed rapidly with it. As a result, the consumer experience is enhanced, and abandoned carts are avoided.

Smart One Step Checkout (Adobe Innovate Exchange Partner) - Check Here

Sage Pay Suite PRO

The Sage Pay payment processor offers a wide range of payment choices and ensures fast and safe payments with no hidden fees.

Sage Pay Suite PRO - Check Here

4. Site Optimization

Lazy Load Products & Images

Magento 2 Lazy Load is an extension that enables lazy loading for photos on your Magento 2 store, allowing you to enhance page speed and minimise page size. High speed and performance offer a pleasant user experience, increased conversions, and a higher SEO ranking.

Lazy Load Products & Images - Check Here

Google Page Speed Optimizer

This extension helps you manage and reduce your page size by the minifying merge and moving to the bottom HTML, CSS, and JS. This functionality is provided by the Amasty Google Page Speed Optimizer for Magento 2, allowing store owners to minimise the size of the product and other images without sacrificing quality.

Google Page Speed Optimizer (Adobe Innovate Exchange Partner) - Check Here

5. Sales

Coupon Code Generator

Coupons can be utilised in various ways, including bulk product sales, seasonal promotions, product bundles, and unique customer discounts. The store administrator must first create rules before using Coupon Code Generator. The administrator then creates coupon codes and distributes them to customers. With help of predefined templates coupons can be generated and sent out.

Coupon Code Generator (Adobe Innovate Exchange Partner ) - Check Here

To sum up…

In this blog, we have compiled the top extensions that will enhance your website’s security, speed and SEO. The right extensions can boost your eCommerce store's performance, engagement, and conversions.

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