June 27, 2022


What if several renowned companies like Google, Facebook, Instagram, and Microsoft use Python? Your choices should always have evident facts and capabilities to support.

Ignoring the popularity tangent, opting for a coding language often comes with its set of negotiations. Do you want to deploy your application within a short timeframe but also want it to be the best web solution for your business?

With it’s easy syntaxes and several frameworks and libraries, Python allows rapid app/web/software development, with enhanced productivity, integration of intelligent technologies, versatility, and less overall expense on the project, compared to other programming languages.

If you still doubt the capabilities of Python development, this article will help you make up your mind. Stay tuned…!

Before that, let us go through the most common negotiations made before opting for a programming language.

  • Versatility - the programming language should cater to any business from any industry
  • Rapid Development - the programming language should facilitate on-time (or preferably) before-time development.
  • Longevity - the language should support your futuristic solutions.
  • Scalability - the language should support your project’s growth as your business grows.
  • Customization - from themes to features, UI/UX, everything should cater to your business objectives and branding.
  • Feature Integrated Solutions - from MVP to a complex solution; businesses want a fully-featured web solution to ease remote working and/or trade.

Top Reasons to Choose Python Development

  • Less Time-Consuming Development

    If you are looking to create your online presence in less time, Python is for you. Compared to its counterparts, Python is 5-10 times faster in terms of web app development. Moreover, the language has simple syntax, which reduces the load on Python developers so that they can deliver the project within the designated timeframe. Until you want to make some significant changes to your project.

  • Python Supports Social Media Platforms

    Social media websites are dynamic, highly interactive and data-oriented websites. Each day a lot of data is fed to social media platforms by millions of registered users. Popular social media websites like Reddit, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and YouTube trust Python with productivity, efficiency and ease of use. Moreover, because these companies have put their bets on Python, we can ensure that Python’s customer support, accessibility, and efficiency are here to last longer.

  • Supported By a Large Community

    Python is the most sophisticated and flawless programming language. Thanks to the active community of Python fans and developers who encourage solving problems and updating the programming language to pace with current technology and business trends/requirements. There are several active Python communities having thousands of programmers across the world dedicated to making Python an ever-evolving programming language in terms of features and functionalities.

  • Trusted By Several Tech Giants

    As said earlier, Python is trusted by some renowned tech giants, and it is officially one of the primary programming languages for Google. Apart from that, companies like Facebook, Dropbox, Spotify, YouTube, Netflix and Microsoft rely on Python. If analysed closely, these companies have nothing in common except Python support. This proves the language is versatile to offer support, features, and functionalities to all the web solutions regardless of the industry.

  • Agile and Scalable Solutions

    Agility and flexibility are qualities worth your attention if you are looking for a long-term and futuristic web solution. A python-based application will cater to your business significantly, even if it goes from a home-grown to a high-rise corporate headquarters. In python, you can start a program without going through the mind-numbingly tedious task of adapting code or writing it from scratch for several different OS platforms as your business scales.

  • Optimal Integration

    Python is one of the primary dynamic languages used by Google. The majority of Google's tools are created with Python frameworks in mind. Python is the best choice among Google partners because it enables simple integration of Google's cloud-based services and Google Apps. If integrated with Google, you can be assured of its longevity too.

  • Libraries and Frameworks

    There is a valid reason why Python is considered seamless. When it comes to web/app/software development, Python has numerous advanced libraries like Tensorflow, Pandas, Numpy, Keras, LightGBM, Theano, etc., available to ensure that developer gets access to tried and tested modules.

    Python offers multiple frameworks, broadly categorized under full-stack, frontend and backend frameworks. These easily accessible frameworks make development easier and less time-consuming. The availability of frameworks and libraries helps Python experts be more creative and insightful with the project.

  • AI and ML Capabilities

    Lately, Python has become the most sought-after language for Artificial Intelligence and data sciences. With Python, it is easier to introduce AI and ML in a web solution for automation and data or predictive analysis because of its extensive libraries, frameworks, and active community support.

  • Supports Multiple Programming Paradigms

    Python is a general-purpose programming language supporting multiple paradigms like functional, procedural, and object-oriented programming. Based on the requirements, Python developers can decide which approach fits the best to their client’s project requirements. This helps a Python development agency and their experts to make the most complex software in comparatively a lesser timeframe without compromising the efficiency of the project. None of the older programming languages has this capability.

  • Python is Readable and Maintainable

    Ask programmers where goes most of their time? They will say reading the codes. Compared to other programming languages, Python has the upper hand because of its readability. The language resembles English and has significantly fewer punctuation requirements. Python ensures the code is clean, compact and complete. Moreover, with the help of established in-built functions, one can easily create programs where line of code requirements are less than in other programming languages.


Python offers support to vast and complicated web frameworks and is known to mitigate the risk of coding errors or the chances of bugs. At last, making project development an easy breeze for programmers, designers, and quality analysts. Did you make up your mind yet?

For expert assistance or to share your requirements reach out to Dotsquares. Our experts will help you make the most out of Python, explore new possibilities, and develop futuristic web solutions for your business success.

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