April 14, 2023


Top 10 BigCommerce Features To Make eCommerce Store Stand Apart

BigCommerce is an intuitive platform enabling retailers to create and maintain their online stores efficiently. This is crucial since it saves time and enables business owners to concentrate on expanding their operations. The features offered by BigCommerce are important for online merchants as they help to create a professional-looking store, manage products efficiently, process payments securely, promote the store, and scale the business as needed. It is a platform that is scalable and can expand along with your company. BigCommerce can meet your demands and assist you in growing your operations, whether you are just starting out or already have a business.

Bigcommerce Features That Can Help You Grow Your Online Business

Unlike some other SaaS platforms, BigCommerce comes pre-loaded with a set of features that can minimise or even do away with the requirement for third-party extensions. Here are some of the top-notch features of BigCommerce-

Website Personalisation

BigCommerce is a platform that is quite customisable. Fast-loading templates can be customised by customers to meet their unique business requirements using the BigCommerce Stencil upgrade architecture. You can quickly and easily create an online store that connects with your customers and highlights your products using these pre-built responsive themes.

Efficient product management

Efficient product management is crucial for the success of an online store. With BigCommerce, merchants can easily manage their product catalogues, update prices, manage inventory, and add new products, saving time and increasing productivity.

Secure payment processing

Secure payment processing is essential for online stores to ensure that customers' sensitive information is protected. BigCommerce supports a range of payment options and ensures that all transactions are secure, giving customers peace of mind and increasing their trust in the store. This is known to be one of the best BigCommerce features to grow your online business.

Bulk pricing

It is a feature offered by BigCommerce that allows merchants to set discounted prices for products when customers purchase them in bulk. BigCommerce allows merchants to create custom pricing rules based on the number of items purchased. For example, a merchant can set a discount of 10% for customers who purchase 10 or more of a specific product.

Shipping and fulfilment

BigCommerce offers a range of shipping and fulfilment options, including real-time shipping rates, label printing, and order tracking, making it easy for merchants to manage their shipping operations. Therefore, it offers shipping and fulfilment features that allow merchants to manage their shipping operations efficiently and effectively, from real-time shipping rates and label printing to order tracking and international shipping.

Marketing and SEO tools

BigCommerce offers a range of marketing and SEO tools, including email marketing, social media integration, and search engine optimisation, that help merchants to promote their stores and attract more customers. It has built-in email marketing capabilities, including email templates, automation, and segmentation.

Mobile Optimisation

BigCommerce provides a mobile-optimised shopping experience, ensuring that customers can easily browse and purchase products from their mobile devices. Also, the platform's checkout process is optimised for mobile devices, making it easy for customers to enter their information and complete their purchases from their smartphone or tablet.

Customer groups and segmentation

These features allow merchants to target specific groups of customers with personalised marketing campaigns and promotions. This can help merchants increase sales, improve customer loyalty, and optimise their marketing strategies based on real-time data. Many types of businesses can use this feature, but B2B retailers benefit the most from it.

Analytics and Reporting

BigCommerce features offer powerful analytics and reporting tools that allow merchants to track their store's performance, monitor sales, and identify areas for improvement. It provides a real-time dashboard that displays key metrics, such as sales, revenue, and traffic, in an easy-to-read format. This allows merchants to quickly see how their store is performing and make informed decisions.

Integrations with third-party tools

BigCommerce integrates with a range of third-party tools, such as accounting software, inventory management software, and shipping carriers, making it easy for merchants to streamline their operations and automate their workflows. These integrations cover a range of functions, from payment processing and shipping to accounting and marketing.

It's Time to Benefit from Industry-Leading Expertise

BigCommerce is known to be a scalable platform that can grow with your business. As your store grows, you can add more products, increase traffic, and expand your operations without any limitations. This is important for merchants who want to expand their business without worrying about technical limitations. It offers a comprehensive set of features that allow merchants to build and manage their online store efficiently and effectively, from product management and payment processing to marketing and analytics.

The decision between self-hosted software and a SaaS platform is influenced by a variety of factors. The above-discussed BigCommerce capabilities are outstanding since they come included with a number of features that rival SaaS platforms only offer at higher pricing points or with the purchase of subscription plugins.

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