March 22, 2017


With the successful release of first smart phone, life as we knew it took a drastic leap forward into the future. Thanks to Steve Jobs and the team at Apple Inc competitors like Google have raised their “A game” and continually strive to bring us the latest innovation in the mobile industry, but what have all of these devices got in common?


Pretty much all mobiles in the market have voice recognition and easy to use features, and almost all smart phones can link up with other smart devices. However the most important thing they have in common is touch screen capabilities. With a light touch of a finger the world is your oyster! You can communicate with others, shop online, carry out research, navigate using maps, control your home devices and so much more. In fact touch screen has been the most appealing feature to all audiences over the last decade thank to its futuristic function, so it was inevitable that touch screen in smart devices would only be the beginning. Since then we have seen the birth of iWatches and similar android versions. We have also seen smart home devices and of course iPads and iPods.

However as digital experts are continually pushing the boundaries of science, today researchers bring us something even more futuristic and slightly mind blowing, E-Tattoos! It seems that experts have developed SkinMarks which are temporary tattoos embedded with wires and electrodes, that allow users to turn their skin into a “touch screen”! SkinMark tattoos have added the feature of electroluminescent, which allows the tattoos to light up under certain conditions, like when your app gets a notification. This technology prints wires and electrodes on temporary tattoo paper using conductive ink. The tattoos come out thinner than the width of human hair and are capable of lasting a couple of days before completely rubbing off. The e-tattoo can also be transferred onto the skin using water, like the more traditional temporary tattoos that our kids have grown to love over the years.


At this current time the e-tattoos are temporary, but who knows what the future holds for them!

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