October 23, 2018


Unlike Google, Amazon isn’t going to give in to the peer pressure. It will stand firm with the defence department and give all the technological aid it can to protect its home country of the USA.

Last week, Blue Origins, the aerospace company announced that it will support US military so that it can reduce its reliance on Russian technology and become more self-dependent in that area. The announcements were made by the founder, Jeff Bezos, who’s also the richest person on the planet right now and CEO of Amazon. Other ambitions, or rather manifesto, of Blue Origins is to make space exploration more economical and mainstream in the coming years. His wishes with this ambition, too, have been made clear.

“Now is the time to open the promise of space to all, and lay the way for generations to come. When our descendants look to the stars, perhaps from a rocky moon or colonies floating in space, they’ll remember this time. When they reflect on where it started, they’ll remember this place.”


His support for the US military, too, carries the same patriotic tone, “If big tech companies are going to turn their backs on the US Department of Defense, this country is going to be in trouble.” He added, “This country is a gem. It is amazing, it’s still the best place in the world, it’s a place where people want to come, I’d let them in if it was up to me. I like them, I want all of them in.”

In his decision, he too faced internal opposition like Google, but unlike Sundar Pichai, he denied giving in to that. He said, “One of the jobs of the senior leadership team is to make the right decision, even when it’s unpopular.” He added, “We are going to continue to support the DoD, and I think we should.”

With that, now the chances of Amazon’s selection for the contract of cloud computing services in Pentagon too has improved.

Future of Blue Origins in Space Exploration

Being run by the richest person on earth, Blue Origins gets an edge over its rival SpaceX run by Elon Musk to become the true pioneer in the mainstream space exploration. Despite the fact that SpaceX is the first company to have achieved the many milestones in that area already.

In a manifesto video launched by Blue Origins, it was announced that the true ambition of the company is to send millions of people into the outer space. It said, that the company believes in a brighter future where millions of people can live and work in space. In the words of the founder himself, “What Blue Origin is doing is lowering the price of admission so that in the next generation we can have the Mark Zuckerberg of space. We need that dynamism that we’ve seen online in space.”

The most talked-about next step the company will take to reach that destination is the launch of the rocket ‘The New Shepherd’ that is hoping to take commercial passengers into space soon. The rocket will have a capsule which detaches itself and stays in the space for some time. After that, it will start its journey and land with a parachute, to be reused again.




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