March 09, 2018


Thanks to Snapchat’s PR crisis a couple of weeks ago, it has been the perfect opportunity for up-and-coming apps to edge closer to topple the most popular social media apps, from their pedestals.

One such app which is gaining in popularity at an impressive rate is Vero, dubbed the ‘new Instagram’, it seems to be very much about self expression; showing off what you have read and watched. With criticism over the non-chronological algorithm and use of adverts on Instagram, we could very well see less people using that platform and more people using Vero instead.

Vero takes on the likes of Facebook and Twitter

Many people have been posting about it, including several verified accounts on Twitter which, as the Kylie Jenner incident taught us, carries a lot of influence. Although a few of the people tweeting about it are confused about how to use it, which is understandable as there is a definite learning curve to using a new social media platform. People who used Twitter after using Facebook were probably confused or even annoyed about that pesky word count, people saw it as an inconvenience. However as customer demand is ever evolving,Twitter felt it necessary to extend the character limit which, as presumed, ruffled a few feathers. So in Vero’s case it’s simply a case of people learning how to use it.

As well as merely expressing confusion, there are some who have openly criticised the app, so much so that Vero had to issue an apology over the platform’s functionality issues it has had, rendering it unusable for some people. As well as technical issues there has also been criticism over the app even when it does work, for example it’s too confusing to use. Whilst there are so many interactive features on Vero, some might question that the creators have gone too far, to rival its predecessors. Sometimes it’s simply a case of ‘simplicity is key’.

Every platform has its niche for example Facebook is your networking bread and butter, Twitter is the home of the hashtag, Instagram is the hub of visual concepts, and so on. Vero just needs some time for people to use it and figure it out for themselves. The luxury of having a variety of social media platforms is that they serve different functionalities. Unfortunately for Vero, its self-expression USP isn’t unique at all and it’s still finding its identity.

Aside from its faults, Vero is still a strong contender in the social media arms race and we need to keep in mind that “Rome wasn’t built in a day”.

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