March 28, 2017


Virtual Reality (VR) is in the midst of turning the digital world on its head, and as the virtual revelation continues to evolve so does its technology. Everyday experts in the field are continually pushing the boundaries to bring us something new and innovative. But what are these experts actually working on?


Thanks to VR agents are now able to show customers flats from their office with a VR headset! This will be a massive advantage for both agencies and customers, as customers can view multiple properties without having to move locations each time. With a service like this it can give the property market the sales surge that it needs, whilst retaining customer loyalty.

VR News – What will they think of next?


Amazon is currently sitting at the forefront of this idea as one of the largest conglomerates in the online retail industry. The idea behind it is that you can use VR or AR to help visualised products before you buy them. Again this is bound to see sales soar as customers will be able to “Try before they buy” without having to place an order.


Over the last 5 years Sports from all areas have been trying to come up with new interactive ways to engage their audiences. Now as it stands, FoxSports are working with LiveLiketo create a VR application to take football fans to a virtual stadium! Whilst watching a game you can access player and match statistics, watch replays and so much more.

VR News – What will they think of next?


Smart devices have caught the attention of millions around the world, we now find them in the workplace, in our bags and even in our homes. However experts are taking it a step further by incorporating smart objects and the world of VR. Some of these objects include;


Whether it’s AR or VR the gaming industry is constantly striving to bring out the ultimate gaming environment and platform for all consumers. Games that will be utilising this technology to its full advantage are games like…

VR News – What will they think of next?


As the battle against common diseases continues, scientists are utilising the latest technologies to fight against Cancer. VR will be used to 3D map tumours, so that scientists can look at them in greater detail. This could have a range of benefits especially when it comes to cancer treatments.

These are just some examples of how experts are applying VR to various different industries, and yet there are hundreds of other projects underway that haven’t been presented to the press! The next few years will be an interesting one to watch as we reach a whole new digital era!

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