March 27, 2018


Since the launch of Apple’s Siri back in 2010 voice activated technology has been slowly gaining more consumer traction in the digital industry. These days it’s more about convenience when it comes to our busy lifestyles, and as technology continues to streamline our day to day activities, there is more need for voice activated devices.

As tech conglomerates like Amazon and Google are forever fans of “supply and demand” they too brought out voice activated devices such as the Google Home and Amazon Echo, to meet the needs of their consumers. In fact at the end of 2017 it appeared that the majority of people owne done of these two devices, with the Echo and Echo Dot topping the charts as the most brought gift for Christmas.

Thanks to such devices more and more third party apps are now being created with the ability to run on voice activated technology. On the same premise we too have launched our own application on both the Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, and last week Google commended our team of experts on their successful launch of our first voice activated application on the Play Store!

We are officially live on Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant!

When you use the Dotsquares Google Assistant you can:

  • Find out more about our technologies and services.
  • Ask Google to send you an email with a link to our portfolio and client testimonials.
  • Request and estimate for a project you might have in mind.

The same service is also available via Amazon Alexa, in a hope that we can provide the most efficient service to all our clients. Make life just that be easier when it comes to kick-starting your Web, App and Games development when you use Dotsquares Alexa and Dotsquares Google Assistant. If you would like to create your own business application to run on each of these devices, then get in contact today!

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