March 21, 2022


The website development industry is growing exponentially as every business industry owner understand the importance of online marketing. Content Management Systems (CMS) are among the many technologies available to web developers. There are multiple CMSs available in the market to get a fully-functional website for you. Some are used for enterprises level of business and cost you more, while others are free and open-source.

If you want to have a simple blog website and not worry about the technical side, WordPress is undoubtedly the best CMS for this. But other CMSs may be a better option if you want a content-rich website or manage a wide variety of content or if you want to have a more flexible layout. Craft CMS is one of the best options for this.

Benefits Of Using Craft CMS -

This is a ready-to-use content management system for creating client-specific websites. There are various CMS solutions, but web developers prefer Craft since it provides precisely what Craft CMS developers and clients demand. Here is a list of benefits of using Craft CMS for your next website project.

User-Friendly CMS Platform -

Craft moves at a breakneck pace. The Craft will outperform almost all older CMSs in terms of speed, whether you're working on the control panel or the front end. Craft's Live Preview feature allows content managers to preview custom page layout construction and adjustments in real-time easily.

It provides an easy-to-use interface that you may customise at any time. This allows you to add the most important features and provide a better user experience.

Out Of The Box Features -

These out-of-the-box features are immediately available to users after the installation and are incredibly beneficial for both web designers and developers.

  • Custom fields provide you with complete control over your design and content.
  • Multilingual and multi-site capabilities.
  • Full control over HTML/JS/CSS by PHP templating language ‘Twig’.
  • A highly user-friendly image editor lets you resize, crop, and rotate images, among other things.
  • Live Preview feature.
  • Matrix field type that makes designers create the page structure and content as they like.

Amazing Plugin Store -

As if Craft's out-of-the-box capabilities weren't enough, you can make it even better by using its Craft CMS plugins or add-ons. Hundreds of plugins are available in Craft's marketplace; most of them are created by world-renowned development firms. These plugins significantly improve the functionality and performance of a website. The developer has complete access to the plugins while working on a Craft CMS site.

Strong Community Support -

Craft CMS has a strong support team, including content managers and developers, to guide you with every problem that you face with Craft CMS. Because the Craft community is quite active on Discord, you may post your difficulties there and get responses much faster than on Stack Overflow.

Secure Platform -

Craft CMS is a commercial product with licence payments, even though the source code is open, published, and distributed. This means that the community helps to improve security while the official development team is paid to do so. It is a simple installation process that will keep your site safe from hackers. Every month, you will receive updates. It also protects your site from SQL injection attacks, which is impossible to avoid.

SEO - Friendly

Developing a website is not enough; you need to make sure that it will rank well on search engines to get most of your customers’ attention. Craft CMS offers an awesome SEOmatic plugin to optimize your website for google perspective. Manage your website metadata (Meta title & Meta description) information, structured data, XML or robots.txt file with SEOmatic plugin for better results in Google SERP.

Final Words -

Our Craft web development experts will take a look at all your business requirements and will give you the best suitable and affordable Craft services for your Craft websites. Our expert staff is well-versed in Craft CMS to create a custom web design.
Get in touch with Dotsquares - Craft Web Development Company today to discover more about how Craft can improve your web experience.

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