July 05, 2022


A content management system (CMS) is a software application that lets people add, publish, modify, and delete information from a website using only a web browser on a desktop computer or smartphone.

Drupal is a CMS that allows functions to be added and removed by installing and uninstalling modules and modifying the website's appearance and feel by adding and uninstalling themes. Drupal Core contains the PHP scripts required to run the core CMS functionality, a plethora of optional modules and themes, and a plethora of JavaScript and CSS files.

Now let's discuss the reasons why Drupal is the better CMS:

Reliability and Scalability:

Many large enterprises use Drupal as it is highly reliable. It can easily handle high traffic, so big and busiest businesses use it.

Under load-balancing, supercharged databases, and enhanced caching, Drupal's built-in performance features - combined with a contemporary CDN provider—perform effectively. Since mobile devices increasingly need to render rapidly and effectively, this scalability means that Drupal provides reliably across platforms. It ensures the following points:

  • Uptime without server interruptions
  • Checks for potential performance concerns more than a million times daily.
  • Routes technologies across server clusters that scale dynamically

Drupal Comes up with a high level of security:

Security is the top priority concern for a website these days. Drupal is the ideal CMS that offers the most robust security for your website that ensures your website is safe from any attack and hacks. It releases security patches regularly to ensure optimal website security. It provides a guide to users for making their store safer and more secure from any attacks. Drupal's security ensures:

  • Information exchange through security reports; User Access Control; Database
  • Encryption; GitHub and auto-update collaborate on core validation.
  • Avoiding the entrance of harmful data
  • Defence against Denial of Service (DoS) assaults
  • Fixing bugs before they may be used against you

Drupal takes care of the complexity of your website:

It is a modern website development platform as it allows the creation and modifies many websites whose structure is very complex. It offers many opportunities to expand the website to grow in future.

Drupal is Multilingual:

The usefulness and adaptability of Drupal are demonstrated by its core features and modules being available in over languages. It covers most mainstream and rare languages such as Chinese and Arabic. Benefits of multilingual:

  • Expanding the audience
  • Unparalleled translation processes
  • CSA Research reports that customers prefer to make purchases while browsing in their
  • Local language, which results in higher conversions.

Highly Extensible via API:

One of the essential requirements of modern CMS is access to powerful APIs. The APIs' extensibility enables you to improve and integrate with all stages of the client journey. Drupal is extremely friendly to API integrations. It comes with a lot of documentation and a well-defined API. RESTful Web Services API, JSON API, Render API, and Translation API are available in the most recent Drupal versions.

Drupal is highly SEO friendly:

Today's main battleground is to rank high on search engines. If your website is ranked high on google, you can reach many users and audiences. Drupal includes many sophisticated SEO modules, current web publishing features, and clean code. Since the focus is on the content, SEO is straightforward. With SEO modules added to the CMS, you can manage URLs more efficiently while spending less time on the task.

Drupal is highly flexible:

Drupal is so adaptable that you can easily customise nearly every aspect of your Drupal site. Without implementing custom code, you may personalise websites, forums, blogs, polls, fonts, photos, colours, themes, styles, layouts, and look and feel.

To Sum Up

Drupal is a free and versatile CMS with loads of innovative features needed for your website in today's competitive age. Utilise Drupal's wide range of benefits immediately and create your ideal Drupal website if you want to gain a competitive edge over others.

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