March 29, 2018


With society becoming ever more aware of the impacts of global warming and the lasting effects that non-renewable energy has, renewable energy, such as Solar power is becoming a popular and less damaging alternative, and Microsoft seems to agree. Recently, the technology titan has invested in a whopping 315 megawatts of solar power to combat the world’s energy crisis. With over 750,000 solar panels purchased to fit inside a substantial 2000 acres of land, Microsoft is seriously reducing their environmental damage.

Why has Solar Energy been so popular lately?

Renewable energy is obviously a fantastic alternative to carbon based energy sources that can cause massive pollution on their own, but since every other company tends to stick to these harmful ways of powering their businesses, the overall damage is even worse. So it is encouraging news that a company as vast and influential as Microsoft is changing their ways as they have the power to set a great example for other companies.

Reported as the largest corporate solar agreement in the US, Microsoft is clearly really determined to do their bit to make the world a better place. As quoted by their President, Brad Smith, who stated that their “commitment is broader than transforming our own operations; it’s about helping others access more renewable energy” which shows Microsoft prefers to lead by example. It’s also reassuring to find out that this isn’t some passing fad, Microsoft in particular has been using renewable energy since 2014 and this latest purchase of 750,000 panels is adding to a larger portfolio of environmental awareness.

Why has Solar Energy been so popular lately?

Thankfully for the planet, and therefore its inhabitants, more and more people are utilising these environmentally friendly alternatives for power. The company that Microsoft partnered up with to make their company more environmentally friendly was the American solar power brand, sPower, and the very fact that there are whole syndicates based around installing renewable energy sources, is a positive step in the right direction. As it goes to show that sPower, as well as other USA based companies such as Mission Solar, Solaria and Suniva, is needed because the demand for solar energy is so high. British solar power companies are thriving as well, so thankfully it seems to be less an American fad and more a worldwide phenomenon.

Hurricane Maria’s silver lining could be considered as the solar energy being introduced to Puerto Rico. The architect behind this had similar sentiments to Microsoft’s president. Jonathan Marvel stated that “If you can solve things in Puerto Rico, you can solve things on a larger scale as well”. Solar Power has great potential to spread, and one day may even be more popular than the non-renewable energy we are already used to.

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