July 25, 2023


Drupal is a free, open-source, PHP-based CMS that is well-known on the market. It has a large, collaborative community and provides the capabilities to create exceptional digital experiences with the help of a website. As an enterprise-level CMS, Drupal is notably flexible, scalable, and secure. Moreover, it is utilised to build websites, eCommerce stores, maintain websites, and manage digital content.

What is the End-of-Life Announcement of Drupal 7 Support?

Drupal continually enhances its functionalities and security infrastructure through regular updates. Drupal 10 is the latest version of this cutting-edge CMS. Drupal recently announced an extension for the end-of-life of Drupal 7, now slated for January 5, 2025. Originally, it was scheduled for November 1, 2023. With this date extension, the security team will also extend the support.

The necessity for businesses to upgrade to the best CMS platform is paramount. Drupal 10 was released on December 14, 2022, with many performance and security upgrades. Sooner or later, migration to Drupal 10 is inevitable and it is best advised if you move to the latest one as soon as possible.

Here are some of the things to know about the Drupal 10 upgrade:

Discover the New Performance and Security Features in Drupal 10

To ensure you stay secure and up-to-date with the latest functionality, it is highly recommended you should upgrade to Drupal 10. By installing this update, you are assured of enhanced performance and security. Drupal is improving as a scalable platform and for this, it has removed all the features that no longer help in scalability.

Drupal 10 has Olivero's default theme, while the previous versions Drupal 7,8 and 9 had Bartik as default theme. With PHP 8.1, it is more advanced than ever before and performs better. It has a new version of CKEditor with improved features, including JavaScript support and advanced editing. Moreover, Symfony 4 is replaced by Symfony 6 in Drupal 10. It also added the latest versions of every third-party tool to improve overall workflow with user-friendly components.

Advanced security upgrades

Drupal 10 has a quality upgrade to security infrastructure and it can improve the overall security of the website. It has improved many security features and improved password policy. It has a stronger default password and users need to keep more stronger passwords.

Moreover, Drupal’s latest version comes with better security for third-party tools and modules. It is easy to identify and eliminate vulnerabilities in the system with the new version of Drupal.

Performance upgrades

Drupal 10 can help websites maintain high performance with scalability like never before. With the new version, Drupal improved cache management to improve user experience. It can also be used as a support tool for websites that have high traffic.

It comes with efficient content delivery mechanisms so users can get the content quickly. While being reliable, it also improves database performance by reducing the load on the database server. Moreover, websites can be optimised in the database layer with Drupal 10.

Other than performance, scalability, and security, here are some key upgrades in Drupal 10 that you should know:

  • Symfony 6.2 is easily compatible with PHP 8.1 and it improves overall functionality.
  • With Drupal 10, CKEditor 4 is being replaced by CKEditor 5. It will make processes efficient and make content management feature-rich. It is a great tool for site builders and improving user experience on the Drupal CMS.
  • Symfony is the workflow engine for Drupal. It is also updated to improve functionality on the Drupal platform.
  • With Drupal 10, the JavaScript components replaced jQuery UI. It will not only improve flexibility but improve the user experience as well. Moreover, Internet Explorer 11 support in Drupal 10 has been discontinued.
  • For enhanced user experience, Olivero is the new default theme in Drupal 10, replacing Bartik. With this, content is easily accessible with scalability.
  • The Drupal 10 platform can auto-update whenever a new version is released. Without any active involvement, you can test for security features and save time.
  • Drupal is adding the functionality of a headless CMS and it has added a decoupling menu feature with this new update which can create frontend menus.
  • The administration panel of Drupal 10 has a built-in module browser that you can use to find specific utilities and install them with a single click. It will improve the platform's usability with advanced features.
  • Appearance is a vital element for performance and with Drupal 10, a starter kit theme is available. It can give many options for improving website appearance.
  • A new theme named Claro is introduced with Drupal 10 to offer a user-friendly interface. To enable fast-loading performance, the theme ensures the administration interface is responsive at all network conditions.

Leverage Expert Assistance & Upgrade to Drupal 10

It's not a concern that Drupal 7's end of life is approaching, no matter how close it is, it's still far too far away to worry at this point. Moreover, if you want to stay updated with the best security practices and remain competitive with the latest features, upgrading to Drupal 10 is the best choice you can make.

With data security and proper management, you can leverage the upgraded functionality of Drupal 10 and offer a great experience to your users. It can also help in ranking your website as performance directly affects the SEO.

If you want to upgrade to the latest version of Drupal, you can Book a free appointment with one of our experts. We will help you upgrade to the latest version of Drupal with no downtime or data loss. Make your website more scalable and user-friendly with advanced features using the capabilities of Drupal 10. Contact us now for a hassle-free upgrade process.

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