March 03, 2022


Why Migrate to Shopify?

Shopify Features

You may be unsure which eCommerce platform is best for you because there are many to pick from. Migrating from one eCommerce platform to another is a frequent procedure for website owners. Most of the time, the migration occurs to Shopify as it is the most advanced eCommerce solution provider.

Shopify is without a doubt one of the most excellent choices to run your store on. While there are other eCommerce website builders, Shopify offers retailers the dependability and flexibility they want to run a successful online store. The ease of use, as well as the availability of a variety of design and development themes, are two of the most crucial reasons for merchants to migrate to Shopify.

Bigcommerce/ Wordpress/ Magento to Shopify Migration

You must be familiar with website builders such as Shopify, BigCommerce, WordPress and Magento as a merchant, whether your business is online or offline. Converting your company to an online retail platform is a crucial and ground-breaking move. Suppose you're already using one of the platforms. In that case, you might want to consider switching to Shopify, as a good website is necessary to ensure that your products' online presence is as good as their offline quality, and Shopify can help you do just that.

One of the core reasons why Bigcommerce, WordPress, Magento website owners choose Shopify is because Bigcommerce has certain drawbacks, such as web design and customisation. This is one of the reasons why retailers choose big commerce to Shopify migration. Magento to Shopify migration service reduces maintenance costs for the online store while providing exciting features for customers.

Why Choose Shopify Migration?

Shopify Features

Secure & Scalable Platform.

Whether you are a new or a small merchant, Shopify has basic plans that you can level up as your business grows. Shopify has plans for every business type by ensuring the safety of every eCommerce store hosted on the platform. The platform's security system is checked regularly, and it is maintained and upgraded.

The Shopify pricing & security flexibility makes it the best choice for merchants.

Big Collection Of Themes.

Whether you have a vast inventory, sell a single product, or are just getting started, the Shopify Theme collection has solutions for you. Many of the themes in this collection are designed to work with a wide range of retailers. They frequently provide many designs, infinite colour possibilities, and a variety of fonts. Technical aspects are just as crucial as design characteristics when creating a one-of-a-kind website.

Wide Range Of Payment Gateways.

Thankfully, Shopify has evolved into more of an eCommerce tool buffet. The platform currently supports several different payment gateways, each of which is optimised in its own way.


Shopify is an open and transparent store that offers a variety of pricing options. You won't have to worry about getting a surprise bill or being charged for something you didn't expect. Shopify makes sure that every dollar spent on a robust eCommerce store is spent effectively.

24/7 Customer Support.

Shopify also offers a specialised customer service staff for their loyal customers. They are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year by live chat, phone, and email. It includes a variety of lessons and materials to assist you in selling things and getting started on time.

Shopify SEO.

Another intriguing feature of Shopify is that it is built on search engine optimization or SEO. For your online store to perform well in search engines, all functions are present. Shopify has a simple and user-friendly interface. It includes all of the tools that an online store owner needs to rank well in image, shopping-related, and general searches.

How We Assist eCommerce Businesses in Making the Switch to Shopify -

Shopify Features

Having said that, the aforementioned reasons for re-platforming to Shopify may persuade you to make the right decision. Migrating to Shopify is an excellent way to improve your online business and, as a result, increase revenue. If you choose Shopify as your platform for migration, it will undoubtedly assist your company in evolving in tandem with the ever-expanding eCommerce sector.

Shopify experts in "Dotsquares - a leading Shopify Development Company" will give you a smooth and frictionless Shopify migration experience. Our Shopify professionals have years of expertise working with merchants all across the world for custom Shopify migration.

Ready to migrate to Shopify? Contact us right now to make the switch to Shopify.

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