August 17, 2023


WordPress is one of the best Content Management Systems (CMS) in the world. It has a strong community and stays ahead of the game with regular updates. Recently, it has released the newest version with many improvements and advancements.

What you Need to Know About WordPress 6.3 Release

As the latest version, CMS came with WordPress 6.3 in WordPress 6 series on August 8, 2023. It is named Lionel and released with many features that can improve the overall website-building experience.

The WordPress team hosted a live demo and highlighted features of the upcoming version of WordPress with team members Anne McCarthy, Rich Tabor, and Nathon Wrigley. The event was attended by more than 100 people as they watched the demonstrated video of upgraded features and tools.

What’s New in WordPress 6.3: Major Highlights

WordPress 6.3 is released with more than 500 advancements and it has fixed more than 400 bugs. These changes can improve the website's performance and make it easier to build a website on CMS. It opened new opportunities for designers and website builders. With the help of a WordPress developer users can manage their websites more effectively with many powerful tools and improved control.

Improved Site Editor

For the first time, this version of WordPress has enabled the use of templates, patterns, and content in the Site Editor. It’s now possible to add pages and browse style variations, creating synced patterns with this. Moreover, users can control navigation menus as well. It offers a one-stop option to create a website without switching across different site areas.

Block Theme Preview Options

It is possible to experience the block theme before switching to Site Editor. Before selecting a new theme, users have the option to preview it and customise it. A block theme makes it easy for users to make the right choice and play around with customisation.

Patterns Synchronisation

The New WordPress release makes it possible to create and sync patterns. Developers can arrange and save blocks in the My Patterns section. Additionally, it is also possible to specify if users want to sync patterns or not. With this, one change can be applied to all parts of the WordPress website. While utilising patterns as the starting point, it is possible to customise every instance.

Command Palette

WordPress 6.3 can be faster than ever. It is easy to switch to a template or open the editor preference to utilise the functionality. For making it quick to navigate on WordPress, it is simple with the keyboard shortcut (Ctrl+k) where users can click the sidebar search icon in Site View.

New Design Tools

The new WordPress version can sharpen the design as it comes with more versatility. Users can customise captions from the Style interface and manage duotone filters in the Styles option. With the addition of text colour settings, layout controls, and border options, the Cover block becomes even more useful.

Tracking of Design Changes

WordPress developers can track design changes with the help of Style revisions options. With the new audit trial option, users can check how to manage the website's appearance at a specific time. It also has the option to visualise the revision in a timeline and access a one-click option to restore the designs that are previously used.

Add Annotations

Users can add annotations using the Footnotes Block. Developers can easily include explanatory notes in your content using the Footnotes block. This allows you to seamlessly add and connect footnotes to any paragraph.

Show or Hide Content with the Details Block

It’s simple to show or hide content with the help of the Details Block in WordPress 6.3. Utilise the Details block to prevent spoilers, create interactive Q&A sections, or cover lengthy paragraphs under headings.

Enhanced Performance

WordPress 6.3 introduces over 170 performance updates, including deferred and asynchronous support for the Scripts API, prioritised loading for images, block template enhancements, image lazy-loading, and emoji loader. These enhancements significantly enhance your website's apparent loading speed.

Improved Accessibility

With more than 50 accessibility enhancements, WordPress 6.3 prioritises accessibility. It features enhanced labelling, optimised navigation using tabs and arrow keys, revised heading structure, and new controls in the admin image editor. These improvements make it easier for users of assistive technologies to navigate effectively.

Optimise Image Aspect Ratios

Enhance your designs by setting precise aspect ratios for images. This ensures the consistent visual harmony of your content, particularly when images are used within patterns.

Craft a Distraction-Free Website

Elevate your design experience with the newly introduced distraction-free mode in the Site Editor. Stay focused and immersed while refining your site's aesthetics.

Explore the Enhanced Top Toolbar

Experience the reimagined Top Toolbar, now equipped with parent selectors for nested blocks, streamlined options for managing multiple blocks, and an intuitively integrated interface within the title bar. Discover new functionalities designed to enhance your workflow.

Elevate List View Functionality

Effortlessly manipulate your content hierarchy in the updated List View. Seamlessly drag and drop elements across different layers and remove blocks with ease, granting you unprecedented control.

Efficient Template Building with Patterns

Initiate template creation using custom patterns through our new modal interface. Unlock a plethora of possibilities by seamlessly integrating pre-designed patterns into your projects, expediting the template creation process.

Upgrade to the New WordPress Version

If you want to upgrade to the new WordPress 6.3 and leverage the capabilities of improved security and functionality, Dotsquares is here to help. We have been helping businesses in many industries with WordPress solutions for more than 22 years.

We will ensure you get the website upgrade with no performance issues and with proper backup. With the upgrade to the latest version of WordPress, you can maximise the potential of your business website built on WordPress. Stay up and running while we upgrade your website smoothly and implement WordPress 6.3!

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