June 14, 2022


Jetpack is the ultimate WordPress toolbox for making your WordPress web development easy. It has everything you need in one place to protect, speed up, and promote your website.

With Jetpack, you can do the following-

  • Secure logins and brute-force protection will make your website safer and more secure.
  • Load pages faster and make your visitors happy with lightning-fast CDN.
  • Automatic social sharing, relevant content, site search, and customer management may all help you increase your visitors.

Who Should Install Jetpack?

Anyone who runs a WordPress-powered website wants a single tool to aid with the design, traffic, and security. If your website is hosted on WordPress.com, Jetpack and its functionality are already included.

If you have a technical understanding of the WordPress backend, you can install the Jetpack plugin on your own. Still, if you need any technical assistance with WordPress plugin development, Dotsquares is here to help you with this journey. We are a trusted agency that provides result-oriented WordPress plugin development and other services.

Is Jetpack free?

Yes! The basic functionalities of Jetpack are and always will be free.

Site statistics, a high-speed CDN for photos, related topics, downtime monitoring, brute force attack prevention, automated social network sharing, sidebar customisation, SEO (search engine optimisation) tools, and many more are available.

WordPress Jetpack Now Available As Six Plugins

Automattic, the parent company of WordPress.com, has announced that Jetpack, which has over 5 million users, is now available as six separate plugins.

This allows users to pick and choose the features they want without having to install the complete suite of products.

Plugin Details-

  • Four of the latest plugins are free: Jetpack Protect, Boost, Social, and CRM.
  • Payment is required for two plugins: Jetpack Backup and Jetpack Search.

The following are the six functionalities that are now available as individual plugins:

Jetpack Backup

In October 2021, this plugin hit the version 1.0 milestone. This isn't a brand-new plugin. It's a backup plugin for WordPress that backs up themes, plugins, databases, and Woo-Commerce client data. This plugin allows users to restore the site to any prior state, even if it is currently offline.

Jetpack Protect

This plugin ensures the security of your website by scanning plugins and themes regularly for vulnerabilities and alerting you if any are found. The plugin uses the WPScan vulnerability library, which keeps an up-to-date list of WordPress flaws.

Jetpack Boost

Increase your website's performance and speed with one-click optimisations that supercharge the performance of your WordPress site and enhance essential web vital scores for higher search engine rankings.

Jetpack Social

You can use the Jetpack Social plugin to share your WordPress content on social media.

Jetpack Search

Jetpack Search is a vital substitute for WordPress's built-in search feature. It gives you better results and a better search experience.

Jetpack CRM

Jetpack CRM allows you to keep track of all of your interactions with clients - meeting notes, phone calls, and emails and can see their entire history at a glance.

Why Should You Install the WordPress Jetpack Plugin on Your Website?

Automattic, the company behind WordPress.com, created Jetpack, a free WordPress plugin. It comprises several modules (also known as plugins) that users may use to improve, monitor, and administer their self-hosted WordPress site.

WordPress is a famous website builder for various reasons, one of which is its ability to combine multiple functions in a user-friendly environment. Thousands of plugins are available, making each website unique and extremely useful. Jetpack is one of the most popular WordPress plugins, with features that increase website performance, functionality, reach, and security, among other things.

Here are a few reasons you should use Jetpack on your WordPress site.

  • Enhanced Website Functionality.
  • Traffic Growth
  • Fortified Security
  • Centralised Management
  • Search Engine Optimisation

Does This Work with a Multisite Network?

The free Jetpack features work with WordPress Multisite networks. Multisite networks can also use paid services, but each site requires its membership. Multisite networks are presently incompatible with Jetpack Backup and Jetpack Scan.

Is the Original Jetpack Plugin Changing?

The experience of the millions of people who use Jetpack as an all-in-one plugin will not change. You will be able to install all of our features at the same time, using a single, consistent interface. Individual plugins may be detached from the base product over time, but regardless of which plugin you start with, the experience of adding functionality will be seamless.

Final Words

Jetpack is an all-in-one WordPress plugin that comes with so many valuable features. This is one of the ideal plugins for standard features and services, including security, backups, CDNs and speed, list creation, marketing, and other necessities.

Jetpack may be customised to make your site safer and faster while also giving you more traffic, regardless of your site type. Take a look at the new Jetpack right now.

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