August 26, 2015


DotSquares Director is delighted to be associated with the Young Enterprise Company Programme as a Business Advisor. As a regular visitor to his allocated school, Bankim will be able to pass on his business experience to inspire students to further their knowledge in the world of business. He will be supporting a team of students, inspiring them to excel. As a business volunteer, he will be mentoring students through some real business situations, helping them to learn business skills that they can develop and may even help to shape their careers. The programme includes running a real company, developing employability skills, building students confidence and more. The advisors tread a careful line between leading the students through the experience and enabling them to run things for themselves. Students will lack knowledge and confidence and will turn to the Advisor for advice on production, marketing, sales, accountancy, personnel and general company management procedure. In the beginning the Business Advisor will have to describe the Company Programme and explain the expected outcomes. Advisors need to motivate, not lecture, raise morale and sometimes play Devil’s Advocate. It is a great programme, something to be truly valued by the students.

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