Scalable and bespoke travel systems that are customer centralised, and will guarantee an increase in revenue.

Every year there is a high demand for travel operatives to provide travel facilities, for those who are holiday makers, and those who need to travel for business.

Consumers want highly efficient booking systems that allow them to travel to a variety of locations, and with options to book additional extras like hotels, transport and even travel insurance. Working with a portfolio of clients in the travel industry since 2002, we understand the needs of the customer and how to make their experience a memorable one, that also generates future business for our travel clients.

Our Travel Systems Can Include...

global distribution systems

Global Distribution Systems

A network that allows travel agents to connect and access Hotel inventory to sell the available rooms to customers. Once sold the inventory is automatically updated

flight hotel aggregators

Flight & Hotel Aggregators

A connected network that connects hotels, travel agents, tour operators and flight operators from hundreds of cities around the globe

payment gateway solution

Payment Gateway Solution

Our system can provide access to various payment gateways that will be integrated into the system.

flight booking

Hotel & Flight Booking System

Customers can book flights and hotels in different places, but with one booking system and choose from thousands of packages and rates


Enquiry System

An automated solution that can be added to the website so customers can submit their enquiries. All of these are logged, tracked and managed so sales and operations teams can take their actions accordingly

white labelled bespoke

White Labelled or Bespoke Solution

We can provide our own white labelled solutions that have been prebuilt for the travel industry, or we can build something bespoke to fit the needs of your business

Dotsquares have extensive experience in developing Bespoke and White Labelled Travel Systems, which enables businesses to scale up their services, increase their Return On Investment and build strong customer relationships, encouraging them to come back for more everytime.

Significant cost savings can be made working with an outsourced development company you can trust. The team at Dotsquares have an exceptional team of quality engineers who work quickly and are always aware of deadlines. They also go the extra mile when necessary, which is not always the case with a 3rd party supplier!

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Benefits of a Travel System

  • 1 Increased Sales
  • 2 Easy to Use Interfaces
  • 3 Efficient System Management
  • 4 Efficient Aggregators
  • 5 Improved Customer Services
  • 6 Linking to Third Party Systems
  • 7 Trusted Industry Solutions