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Growing a business can be highly challenging, due to the ever changing customer demand because of new and innovative technologies. To keep up with the market trends, digital businesses need to constantly expand their offerings, but for some this might not be as easy as it seems.

Since 2002 we’ve been lending a helping hand to businesses that may have a gap in technology, or those that need a power house to scale up their teams. This way you’re not having to turn away projects due to lack of resources.



When looking to outsource any IT development it is vital to know that your Partner of choice can quickly and effectively scale up operations. Only the most flexible will make the most of any market opportunity and at Dotsquares we can roll on and roll off resources from your Team as the need arises. With experience and expertise in a number of different technologies your Team will always have the resources needed to get the job done efficiently and with future plans in mind.

adapt quickly

Adapt Quickly

With scalability comes the need to be flexible and have the ability to adapt quickly. This is not only important for the resources being used but also flexibility in new technologies. Dotsquares has been pioneering in several new technologies and approaches allowing us to pinpoint and suggest new technologies that will save time and money.

problem solving

Problem Solving

Enterprise clients will need to rely on their Partners to be fantastic problem solvers and adapt to their business. Dotsquares have 21+ years’ experience to fall back on and with a Development Team of over 1000+ we can call upon all our experience in your particular industry to find the right solution to implement. Not just a “quick fix” but a solution that has the future in mind and on its own can be perfectly scalable.

term relationships

Forge Long Term Relationships

Your Dotsquares Team will be with you for the entire life cycle of your engagement with us. We’ll bring on board the best Developers, Designers, Architects, Analysts, Quality Assurance and Testing resources to give you a stable base. With an excellent communications infrastructure, we are always available to discuss the work and ensure you remain in complete control of the development.

ocean holiday

CASE STUDY: Ocean Holidays

Ocean Holidays are travel provider that came to us in need of web app development support for their website and database. In recent years we have helped them to expand their business to offer several other platforms unique to what they provide.

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For the last 15 years or so we have worked closely with Dotsquares in the UK and with the Team In India. We were always given highly professional and up to date advise. The websites and apps developed for us are beautifully designed and to the agreed specs. We will be more than happy to recommend Dotsquares for their professionalism, polite, hard work and their ability to deliver the expected results.

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