August 16, 2018


If you are a tech enthusiast in India, looking to earn a Blockchain degree instead of a mere certificate from a blockchain online course, then there is a good news for you. IIIT Hyderabad has recently launched an Advanced Certificate Program on Blockchain Technologies, in partnership with TalentSprint.

On the topic, the director of the institute, Dr. P.J. Narayanan, has said, “We have been selected as one of the university partners for Ripple’s University Blockchain Research Initiative (UBRI) initiative, along with Princeton University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), University of Pennsylvania (UPenn), and University of California, Berkeley. Our Blockchain Center of Excellence will focus on advanced research.”


Moreover, IIIT Hyderabad is not alone in its endeavours. Miami University in Ohio is also developing a three-credit-hour course in the university, which will focus entirely on Blockchain and its applications. The course is scheduled to begin in Spring 2019. Earlier, MIT, Stanford University, and Columbia University have also started blockchain research centres, clearly showing the trust of scholars in the technology and its guaranteed future applications with a better-educated generation.

The conventional education system has always been known for their sluggish pace in catching up with modern concepts. Many latest technologies have been introduced in the industry and market, and many of them have yet to become a part of the general curriculum. These circumstances compel the aspirants to instead go for an online course to keep their skills up-to-date with the market requirements.

It is, therefore, always exciting when new age technologies become a part of the education sector. Earlier, Google, Microsoft, Apple, and IBM have also made efforts in improving the present conditions of the education sphere by bringing the application of the latest technologies, if not their courses, in the curriculum.

It brings us back on how Blockchain, too, is revolutionising the education system, through its application. The Italian University of Cagliari has recently announced that it will be issuing the graduate degrees this year through Ethereum Blockchain. It is noteworthy, that even though MIT has already been issuing blockchain degree certificates to their Computer Science graduates, this initiative by the University of Cagliari shows more global acceptance of the technology.

This move from the university will bring more safety from manipulation of education-related data, by making the information of the degrees immutable and public. This will also provide future employers with an assurance of the authenticity of the degrees of the prospective employees. The new era of improved education system seems to be on the horizon indeed!


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