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We are experts

We have expertise in Ajax which is a group of technologies like, HTML and CSS that can be used in combination to mark up and style information, JSON can be used to format data in standardized manner with less chances of errors and JavaScript.

Why Ajax

Short for Asynchronous Javascript & Xml, AJAX is a group of technologies used on the client side to create web application. Web developer can post/get data asynchronously without interfering the behavior of the web-page.



The first thing to know about AJAX is its interactivity which allows easier interaction between user and websites as there is no post back exists. You can save and get data without reloading the web-page by using AJAX.

Easier navigation

Simplest and modern feature is its easier navigation, on the web-pages, to users without using back/forward button.


Multiple features can easily be used on a single web-page without using several web-pages. On a single page we can easily perform listing, insert and update of data by using not more lines of code.

Errors Friendly

AJAX keeps errors with the section through which it occurred and doesn’t affect other sections like a friend.

We Provide

  • UI implementation and custom web application development
  • Quality assurance and testing
  • Rich web application development using AJAX, partial page loading using AJAX, fast in response and interactive

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