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Growing a business can be highly challenging, due to the ever changing customer demand because of new and innovative technologies. To keep up with the market trends, digital businesses need to constantly expand their offerings, but for some this might not be as easy as it seems.

Since 2002 we’ve been lending a helping hand to businesses that may have a gap in technology, or those that need a power house to scale up their teams. This way you’re not having to turn away projects due to lack of resources. With a 90% agency retention rate there’s a reason why most of the agencies we work with have been with us for several years.



We have over 1000+ experts including designers, developers, analysts, project managers, and marketeers, making it easy to scale our teams to your needs.



Having a range of technologies at our fingertips we can help you take on additional projects outside of your own resources.



Working with a range of industries has allowed us to gain experience in particular sectors, giving us the knowledge to take on any project in any industry.



Our teams can get to work on your projects from the next working day, which is ideal for agencies who have a high intake of projects at one time.

Over 2,0000+ Project Delivered Across the World

Dotsquares is extremely professional and communicative, quickly responding to changes or concerns. The end clients are please with the products, indicating the likelihood of a long-term partnership. they provide great support and are more than willing to adjust their resources to best match ours.

Bruce Francois, OwnerMyCadena Solutions


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