The Healthcare Industry has faced numerous challenges, not least a global Pandemic recently. These challenges have shaped the market and the solutions used.

Dotsquares have been working with organisations in several countries and have experience and knowledge of the practices and compliances in each.

From HIPPAA compliant EHR system development to the design and build of IoT ingested solutions Dotsquares has the critical knowledge and expertise of all technologies utilised.


  • Salesforce (including HealthCloud)
  • IoT Solutions
  • Animated Training Programs
  • Data Security Solutions
  • Cloud Implementation & Security
  • NHS Spine Technologies


  • Web Application Security
  • Network Penetration Testing
  • Cloud Security
  • API Security
  • PCI DSS Compliance
  • Mobile Application Security


  • IoT services
    1. App Development
    2. Cloud Connectivity Solutions
    3. Voice Enabled Solutions
  • Automation
  • Remote Asset Management

Bespoke Service

In addition to our core services of digital health solutions, we offer bespoke services and can tailor our solutions to each customers’ needs. We can combine a number of services into a package, discuss other service solutions that your organisation may benefit from, including new innovations and collaborative projects. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Case Study

PCL Healthcare App

Objective & Challenges

  • To develop mobile application to store & show health reports
  • Management of Health Records
  • Data storage
  • Continuous monitoring of data
  • Integration of custom SDK for devices such as watches
  • Push notifications services integration
  • Reporting & Analytics of environment

Solution Delivered

  • Azure API for FHIR used to maintain HIPAA regulatory requirements & ease of connectivity
  • Real time data pushed from a variety of different devices
  • Push notifications managed through Azure Event Hub with effective storage management
  • ADLS Geb2 used for Reporting & Analytics with elastic, scalable environment
  • Azure hosting to maintain optimum data security
  • Predictive algorithms used with data to discover potential unknown health conditions
Case Study PCL App


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