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Today’s Technology driven business demands a software application to work with diverse array of hardware configurations, operating systems, web browsers and browser versions. Dotsquares help its customers to handle such business requirements through its specialist compatibility testing service that is designed to meet the business needs and is focused on delivering results that provide true business value.

Compatibility testing verifies that the product functions as expected on a wide variety of hardware, software, and network configurations which are planned on an identified set of compatibility combinations. Compatibility testing is conducted on the application to evaluate its compatibility with the underlying environment. At Dotsquares we can help you in evaluating your application across following two environments for its compatibility:

  • Cross browser compatibility: Our team comprises of experienced professionals which evaluates an application from end user’s perspective. Our extensive software library comprises of different browsers including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome, Opera, Netscape navigator and few more with every version of their plug-ins and supporting applications such as Flash, Shockwave, Adobe Reader and Windows Media Player.
  • Cross platform compatibility: Our well experienced and technically sound team of professionals rigorously checks the application on different operating system for hardware issues leading to compatibility problems. Our test center houses PC’s and Mac hardware ranging from low specification to latest models. We identify the minimum hardware requirements for your application and test with variety of network configurations and optical drives.

The objectives of our Compatibility and Interoperability testing are to:

  • Understand Customer requirements to validate the compatibility requirements of the application and determine if it fulfills system/functional requirements.
  • Design test plan and compatibility matrix
  • Define test scenario and development of test suites.
  • Test execution and analysis
  • Generation of report for decision making.

Why Dotsquares?

  • Flexible and cost effective service.
  • Minimum investment in test infrastructure
  • Quick turnaround time service delivery.
  • Access to expert technical resource.