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Dotsquares takes pride in being a state of the art development company with basic values lying in client satisfaction and Quality solution delivery. With a time bound delivery mechanism established as a part of our philosophy we have fabricated an agile and lean delivery mechanism model which stands second to none in order to maximize the output in terms of optimized solutions for our valued customers.

Open Source Technology has always acted as a pragmatic symbol for Dotsquares development model. Since its inception Dotsquares has established its verticals in connection to Open Source Technologies like PHP, Java and other popular open source technologies.

PHP is considered to be the most user friendly Open Source Programming language for web development. With a vast amount of tools and support available throughout the globe, PHP is becoming a cutting-edge answer to the web development requirements of the coming era.

PHP supports a wide variety of solutions such as:

  • e-Commerce Applications
  • Web Stores
  • Online CMS systems
  • Online Discussion Forums
  • Hassel-Free Blogs
  • Online Bookstores
  • Online Design Solutions
  • Collaboration Tools

Normally open source technologies are just limited by the developer’s creative approach about the usability of the application. With 24×7 available support from the live online community the robustness and stability of the application are guaranteed to the maximum possible extent.

With almost 50 frameworks and built-in CMS systems PHP supports both complex custom development to built-in plug-ins systems, hence the development time can vary from a couple of days to the refined limit of customization as deemed by the customer. Dotsquares as a company has a strong and stratified cluster of highly experienced developers with some of them having even a decade of experience on various frameworks and implementing the same across various nations.

Benefits of using Open Source Technologies:

Magento certification

  • Easy to customize
  • Stand-alone application
  • Rapid Application Development
  • Cost effective enterprise solution generator
  • Robust , easy to manage, scalable and reliable
  • Strong support network with the largest support community across globe
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